7 steps to become a bartender

Bar with a lot of alcohol

There was a time in my life, when I wanted to become a bartender, but I was so afraid to fail.

I had so many feelings and thoughts running through my head and I just didn’t know where to begin.

I would go out with my friends and see the bartender and I would think to myself

 “Wow, they make it look soooo easy”.

 Well, I’m here to tell you it is EASY!

I will give you the 7 steps to become the best bartender you can be!

  Age Restriction

Some jobs in the United States have an age restriction.

You can be 18 years old to work there, but in many places, you would have to 21 or older.

So, you want to go ahead and do your research if you’re 18 and you want to become a bartender.

 See if your state will allow you to work there at the age of 18 but if you’re 21 this step does not apply to you.


When it comes to going to school for bartending, I think it can be necessary if you don’t have any skills in mixing drinks.

 Meaning if you have no idea how to mix at least 1 drink. Then you should take some courses in bartending school.

But if you know how to mix at least 5 or 10 drinks, you will be able to become a bartender.

 It’s not that hard to learn how to mix more drinks once you have the concept down.

 It’s also great to practice at home and start mixing your drinks so you can get the components correctly.

Once you started mixing drinks regularly it will be like riding a bike. 


When it comes to any job you will have to learn the basic steps of completing your tasks 100%.

Making sure that you are following directions.

Listening to your boss and clearly understanding each task that is assigned to you

And never too afraid to ask questions.

That is the key to become the best bartending you possibly can be, if you’re sitting there in the corner and you just trying to learn everything by yourself you would never be great.

 Every great person asks questions. So, become a great person can ask as many questions as to become the best bartender ever.

 when it comes to learning you will have to do a lot of practice, so I want you to practice every chance you get.

Try to make it fun!


Memorization is the core component of becoming a bartender.

 You going to have a busy bar and people going to ask you for a drink order and you have to get that drink order correct right there on the spot.

You don’t want to get a drink order wrong, that will mess up your reputation as a bartender.

 So you want to make sure if a customer asks for a drink you know exactly the components that go into that drink.

 The key to remembering most things is basically repetition.

If you notice that a customer’s always asking for a vodka tonic, you want to remember that drink 110%, the same thing applies to other mostly order drinks. Like a cranberry and vodka or a mojito, you want to make sure you remember the key drinks that someone’s always asking for.

  Remembering a hundred drink orders isn’t really that necessary because most likely people ordered the same drinks constantly. The only reason you may have to remember a hundred drink order is if your boss required you to. In that case, I would say learn all the drinks that are required but master the most requested drink orders.

 Make a list of the top 10 drinks that are being ordered and make it the best anyone has ever made it.

Make a plan

When you become a bartender you have to figure out what is the next step.

 Are you going to be a bartender for the rest of your life or are you going to be a leader?

 Maybe open your own bar or restaurant.

 You must figure out what is your goal as a bartender.

Just have a goal in mind, there’s nothing wrong with staying a bartender. I just think if you are the best at what you are doing why do it for someone else.

What do you want to do shortly?

 Don’t constantly go to work, day in and day out, and just let time fly without a plan

Go looking

Now is the time to find your job.

I think it’s better to find a job at a small bar at first.

If you are a beginner so that you can get that experience, and learn the process, once you’ve learned the process and you have been there for at least six months to a year.

Then go ahead and apply for the big jobs.

The type of jobs where you can earn more cash and get more experience.

When you go looking for a job most people would ask you what you know and how many drink orders you can make.

They may ask you to do a test run on the drinks you can make.

 Don’t be nervous

Just take a deep breath in and out and do what you came there to do.

 Do exactly what they ask, if you mess up it’s okay there’s a million different bar you can go and apply to. Just do the best you can

Rake up them tips and get paid

After you get your job you basically will be working mostly on tips. 

The way you get the most tips I will think you will have to just be nice, pleasant and get the drink order right.

Also, people like it when you engage with them. Don’t just sit the drink down on the bar and walk away.

Make eye contact, so they know that you have acknowledged them.

If it’s not too busy, ask them about their day or whatever question is an ice breaker for you.

*Bonus step*

Don’t drink on the job!
I know it may become super tempted to have a shot or 2 with your customers, they may ask you to drink with them.

 But remember that is your place of employment.

You wouldn’t drink if you were a doctor, you wouldn’t drink if you were a police officer.

So, don’t drink any alcohol on the clock and if you’re tempted to have a drink or two because you’re surrounded by so much alcohol, that means you may have an alcohol problem.

 Click here and they will help you break that habit so that you can reach a better you.


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