80s Shoes Women: The Iconic Footwear Trend That’s Making a Comeback

If you want retro flair, look no further than 80s shoes for women. The 1980s were a time of bold fashion choices, and footwear was no exception. There was a shoe for every occasion, from neon-colored sneakers to jelly sandals.

Colorful 80s women's shoes lined up on a bright, checkered dance floor. Neon laces and chunky heels stand out

One of the most iconic styles of the 80s was the jelly shoe

These colorful sandals were made of PVC plastic and came in various bright hues. They were often embellished with glitter or other decorations, making them popular for young girls. Another popular shoe style was the canvas sneaker, often worn with rolled-up jeans or leggings.

Next was the Converse Chuck Taylor

They were a particularly popular brand of canvas sneakers, and they remain a classic choice today.

If you want something a little dressier, 80s heels and pumps are a great choice.

These shoes often featured bold colors and patterns, such as animal prints or metallic finishes. Low-heeled pumps were a popular choice for professional women, while higher heels were often worn for special occasions. Whether you’re looking for something casual or dressy, there’s an 80s shoe style that’s sure to fit your needs.

Iconic 80s Women’s Shoes

A pair of bright, neon-colored high-top sneakers with chunky soles and bold patterns, surrounded by cassette tapes and a boombox

If one thing comes to mind when you think of 80s fashion, it’s the shoes. The 80s was a time of bold, bright, and daring fashion; the shoes were no exception. There was a shoe for every occasion, from high tops to pumps, flats to slip-ons. Here are some of the most iconic 80s women’s shoes that are still popular today.

High Tops and Sneakers

High tops and sneakers were a staple of 80s fashion. They were comfortable, stylish, and perfect for any casual occasion. Some of the most popular brands of high tops and sneakers in the 80s were Nike, Reebok, and Adidas. These brands are still around today and continue to produce high-quality sneakers that are loved by people all over the world.

Pumps and High Heels

Pumps and high heels were the go-to shoes for formal occasions in the 80s. They were often brightly colored and adorned with bows, sequins, and other embellishments. Some of the most popular styles of pumps and high heels in the 80s were stilettos, kitten, and platform heels. These shoes were often paired with short, tight dresses, epitomizing 80s glamour.

Flats and Slip-Ons

Flats and slip-ons were a more casual option for women in the 80s. They were often brightly colored and made from materials like leather, suede, and canvas. Some of the most popular styles of flats and slip-ons in the 80s were ballet flats, loafers, and moccasins. These shoes were perfect for everyday wear and were often paired with jeans or leggings.

Overall, 80s women’s shoes were all about making a statement. They were bold, bright, and daring, and they continue to inspire fashion today. Whether you prefer high tops, pumps, or flats, there’s an 80s shoe out there for you.

Influence on Modern Fashion

A display of 80s women's shoes, bold colors, high heels, and chunky platforms, with iconic designs like pumps and sneakers

The 80s was a decade of bold and innovative fashion trends that continue to inspire designers and individuals to this day. The era’s footwear, in particular, has left a lasting impact on modern fashion. In this section, we will explore the influence of 80s shoes on contemporary fashion.

80s Revival Trends

One of the most significant ways 80s shoes have influenced modern fashion is by reviving iconic styles from the decade. High-top sneakers, chunky silhouettes, and vibrant colors are all hallmarks of 80s footwear that have made a comeback in recent years. Brands like Nike and Adidas have released retro-inspired sneakers that pay homage to classic 80s designs, while fashion houses like Balenciaga and Gucci have incorporated chunky soles and bold colors into their high-end collections.

Jelly shoes, a staple of 80s fashion, have also grown in popularity in recent years. These plastic shoes, often adorned with glitter or neon colors, are favored for their nostalgic appeal and quirky style. Today’s jelly shoes come in a variety of updated designs, including heeled versions and sandals for a more grown-up look.

Contemporary Adaptations

While many modern shoe designs pay homage to the 80s, others have taken inspiration from the decade and adapted it for a contemporary audience. For example, the wedge heel, a popular style in the 80s, has been updated with sleeker lines and modern materials for a more sophisticated look. Similarly, the chunky sole, a hallmark of 80s sneakers, has been incorporated into everything from sandals to boots for a modern twist on a classic design.

Another way in which 80s shoes have been adapted for contemporary fashion is through the use of bold colors and prints. While neon hues were a staple of 80s fashion, today’s designers are incorporating bright colors into their designs in more subtle ways. For example, a pair of classic pumps might feature a bright yellow heel or a pair of sneakers might have a pop of neon on the sole.

In conclusion, the influence of 80s shoes on modern fashion is undeniable. From the revival of classic styles to contemporary adaptations, the bold and innovative designs of the decade continue to inspire and influence fashion trends today.


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