How to get a job after college

So the day is finally here and you are an official college graduate.

You will able to do things on your own you don’t have to worry about being late to go to your classes.

You are an adult!

And then soon as you graduate you are happy at your ceremony and you’re in the car drive back home and it Dawns on you “wow”

I am an adult what’s next?

So the main reason you went to college was to develop your education.

obviously, get a better career after you graduate but you have no idea how to get started.

I remember I was in an exact situation when I graduated college and I did not know exactly where to go,  or where to start.

I had a guidance counselor and she has so many other students. She wasn’t as focus on me as I would like her to be.

The most she would do was to give me some pamphlets and told me that I should register myself.

When she said that I didn’t fully understand why I would register myself and what was the benefit of registering myself for these programs.

I didn’t get the full guidance that I needed to be able to have a successful career once I graduate.

So I was thinking to myself why not be a guidance counselor to all my future graduates.

You would not be able to get a better 101 on How to get a job after college anywhere else. 


As soon as you step foot on the college campus I want you to begin planning your future.

To set up a position for yourself when you graduate college, you must stay focus.

In your freshman year of college, I want you to write a step by step list of all the things that you need to do to set yourself up perfectly for when you graduate college.

Most of us are not going to have a scholarship or be able to be fortunate enough that our parents can pay off school. Most of us would have to pay back that loan.

So you would need a good job when you graduate, that will help pay back the loans.

If you were to get an average job you will basically be working just to pay back your loans and your basic bills.

Your goal for going to college was to get a great job. So don’t sell yourself short and plan for your future.


when you are in college is best to get into many extracurricular activities that focus on your career as much you possibly.

This is very important because this will build up a lot for your reputation.

It would be very helpful in the long run when you’re out looking for jobs.

But don’t just join any extracurricular activities make sure that the activities you’re joining are something that’s going to help you learn more about your major as possible.

And don’t let the small clubs intimidate you, even if it’s only two members. The point of extracurricular activities for your college transcript.

It will show that you were a member of the XYZ club and that will look very good in the employer’s sees.


Next would be to do an internship. This is a great start to get your feet wet and have that experience of working in your career field.

Make sure to be as Hands-On as possible when you’re out doing your internship.

Don’t be a fly on the wall

I want you to be a go-getter!

Make you are asking questions, try to work as closely with the boss as possible.

The boss is the person that has the more insight into the business that you’re trying to get into,

so be active in your field.

Take notes

so now that you are working and you have a lot of extracurricular activities and are working an internship.

I want you to start writing documenting your experiences.

Keep it in a journal book or whatever type of notebook you prefer or even on your phone.

I know it may sound idiotic to just write a journal but just think about it.

With all these extracurricular activities and internships you’re doing, it’s a lot going on. Your brain is going 1000 miles per hr so it’s going to be hard for you to remember every single thing you have learned. 

So when you learn something that hits you hard, write it down. And you will never forget it. Make sure to write all the steps on how to do it. Once you write it down in your journal you will be able to access that years from now. 

If you forget how to do something it will always be sitting right there in your Journal. You don’t have to go and search Google or watching YouTube videos because you know how to do it yourself you will just need to refresh your memory.


So while you doing all this I want you to make sure that you maintain at least an ‘A’ or “B” average in school. Grades are important because this will be on your transcript and you would not remove or upgrade. 

Most jobs will look at your transcript and the first thing they look at is your grade point average. If you’re trying to get a high scale career and you had a “C” average, most employers will pass upon your application without even meeting you just based on what’s on your transcript. 

So you have to stay focused and just assume that everything is going to come to you. You will have to work hard so that is being able to maintain a Great GPA.


So the next step will be writing a resume. Writing a resume is not the easiest thing to do because basically, you have to sum up all your experiences on one or two papers.

And make yourself look appealing to the person that is reading it. Writing a good resume is going to be essential for you to be able to land a good job outside school. 

You will have to make sure that you include all the extracurricular activities and your internships. Obviously that you have a great GPA average.

When I was writing my resume I use a company called Honesteonline they were a great help. They help me to format my resume and made it look super professional. 

There is a membership fee for this but I think it’s worth it because you get a great resume and you can get an awesome job,  just by paying a little membership fee.


The last step will be to go on job interviews.

the best time to go on job interviews will be in your senior year of college. Why I say your senior college is because you want to go ahead and start getting your feet wet and gain some interview experiences.

Their employers that are going to interviews might say NO and who knows some might say YES but that was to set you up to be able to start having those experiences. When I went on my first interview I was super scared and nervous.

my hands use to sweat and I really didn’t know the correct things to say. so I knew then that I would have to seek out help. So I reached out to a company called killer interview secrets.

They helped me realize some of the techniques that I can do to be able to overcome my fear of speaking to the employer. This also was for a membership fee it was well worth it as well.

So after you went on several of those interviews some of those employers may have told you, YES, and the ones that did tell you yes you.

I want to go ahead and set up that second interview and once you have all the skills that you have learned from going on several interviews you will be able to land that job right before you are about to graduate college.

So now that you have graduated college and you have a job waiting for you, you will be on the right path to a better you.


I am a blogger that was born in the 1980's. So I decided to write about the 1980's because I feel that was one of the best decades ever.

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