Download free 80s photo booth props printable

Have you been looking for some great 80s props for your party?

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The downloadable prints will have 17 individual files that you can mix and match however you like. 


How to set up your free downloads

These 80s photo booth props are easy to download and assemble and entirely yours for FREE.

Some of the things that you may need are:

• A printer

• Printing paper, You can use regular printing paper. But for the best result, some type of cardboard paper would be best.

• Scissors

• Glue

• Popsicle sticks or wooden skewers

Once you have all the material, you can start cutting and designing, which is the best part.

The article I have listed below discusses how to throw the perfect 80s theme party. I talk about everything from decoration to budgeting in this article.

How to throw an 80s theme party

Below are samples of the 17 free downloads included in your package.