30 Childhood Foods From the 80s That Bring Back Sweet Memories

Back in the ’80s, the grocery stores’ staples were a lot different from what we see today. The world has massively evolved in the last 20-30 years. 

Many popular choices have gone extinct recently. However, if you were alive to feel the excitement, consider yourself lucky as we are here to take you on a walk down the memory lanes.

We have searched for some of the most popular 80’s foods and compiled a list for you. Although our buying habits have changed massively in the last few decades, the list we have for you would provide you with some nostalgia. 

Most of the snacks that you find on the list might not be 80’s able in the market currently, but that doesn’t take away our memories with it.

30 foods from the 80s

smuf berry crunch

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Watching the Smurfs show on Saturday mornings when we had a day off from school was a perfect delight.  When the Smurf-Berry Crunch Cereal came out, it was the perfect pairing with the show.

The cereal wasn’t the only thing that we looked for. The sticker in each pack and the feeling of getting our favorite character was matchless.

walmart 80s food

2. TCBY Yogurt

TCBY YogurtFlavored yogurt wasn’t a popular choice back in the days. However, when TCBY yogurt debuted, the feelings changed. The flavors were the main thing that was sought after in the yogurt, and we loved it back in the sunny days.

3. Super Pretzel

Super Pretzel

Super Pretzels were perhaps one of the most popular choices in the 80’s. Kids adored the snack, and it was a popular choice at lunch. Another thing that made them so likable was their easy preparation. All you needed was a pinch of salt, some water sprinkles, and 30 seconds in the microwave.

Ecto Cooler

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Although the ’80s were packed with sugary juices, the Ecto cooler had its own excitement. The citrus juice was to go-to of many children who love slurping while watching their favorite episodes of cartoons. It provided a much-needed burst of energy, especially on summer days, easy preparation. All you needed was a pinch of salt, some water sprinkles, and 30 seconds in the microwave.

Quisp cereal

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The Quisp corn cereal was also one of the hottest bowls of cornflakes back in the days. The crunchy corn cereal not only provided a healthy and energetic bowl of breakfast, but kids were seen munching on it all day long. It was one of the trends back in the days, and it was the perfect energy boost to start the day.

Push Pop Candy

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The push pop candy was my personal favorite. The most exciting thing about it was the different flavors, and there weren’t many candies that were available with such diversity. Its packing was another fascinating thing about the sweet, which made it a desired choice.

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Lean cuisine

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You likely came across lean cuisine back in the days during your search for Popsicles.  Although this was a healthier option compared to other forms of candy that were available. It came in two main flavors, which included Vegetables and Chicken. The calorie count of the product was less than 300. Thus it provided  with us much-needed relief

8. Fruit wrinkles

Fruit wrinkesFruit wrinkles were an underrated snack. Although they might not be the best in appearance, it was still a delicious snack for the kids of the ’80s. The fruits were shapes to look like winky fruits, and that’s how they got their name. The treat belonged to candy class and was on the list of kids who really liked munching during their free time.

9. Pac-Man Cereal

Pac-mac cereal

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Back when Pac-man came out, it was a popular game that made its way to the trending list. Although the gaming community was simple back then, Pac-man made its impact soon after it was released. 

The Pac-man cereal was believed to be the official product, and its publication spread like wildfire in the market. 

10. Jell-O Pudding Pops

Jell-O Pudding Pops 1985 ad

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Jell-O made a pudding that became the talk of the town. However, they soon unveiled another product called the Jell-O pudding pops soon. The popsicles were rich, creamy, and provided a highly sought after the burst of sugar inside your mouth.

The new product became popular among children of all ages and was soon one of the most desired ones. The Jell-O-O pops were once on every child’s wish list whenever they went groceries. 

11. Cool Ranch Doritos

Cool Ranch Doritos

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Doritos are one of the best and most popular snacks in the world. The Cool Ranch Doritos, when they came out back in the 80’s and 90’s became the most desired salad dressing on a salad. It is fair to say that people got obsessed with the chips, and the company’s spokesperson Jay Leno said, “crunch all you want; we will make more.”

12. Dr. Pepper Gum

Dr. Pepper Gum

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Dr. Pepper gum gained popularity after the kids realized they don’t even need a soda machine. It sent a burst of spicy cola in its first bite. Gums are also a daily-used snack that peoples across the globe use.

The Dr. Pepper Gum was so popular because of its unique and fresh taste. 

 13. Cheez balls

Cheez balls

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Cheez balls were desired because they left your fingers all orange and left a cheesy residue on the fingers. It was an easy snack that came in big containers, meaning plenty was available for everyone. 

The snacks were similar to chips and had a delicious cheesy flavor, making them the ideal snack for the munching session.

14. Toaster Strudel

Toaster Strudel

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Toaster strudel was breakfast pastries that provided a bakery item-like flavor. The taste of warm fruit goodness made it an irreplaceable snack, and many kids considered it the perfect companion on the breakfast table. Your toaster instantly became a bakery. 

15. Mr. T Cereal

Mr. T Cereal

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A big bowl of Mr. T cereal was all the children wanted to have for breakfast back in the day. Another exciting part of the cereal was the stickers in every box. The cereal combined with the stickers made it an irreplaceable item, and the kids who didn’t have it were pitied in the hood.

16. Reese’s Pieces

Reese’s Pieces

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Reese pieces were something that instantly became a popular choice when they started advertising with E.T. The shape and different colors of the candy made it a tasty delight among children. 

Reese’s piece snack was something that all the cool kids in the school used to have, and they were genuinely proud of having it. Many kids who preferred M&Ms considered making a switch after its debut.

17. Big League Chew

Big League Chew

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Back in the day, we all wanted to look cool in front of each other. The big-league chews were bubblegum that came in long and cigarette shapes.

Kids used to have a mouth full of it and acted like they were consuming tobacco. 

18. Capri Sun

Capri Sun

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The Capri Sun was a juice that didn’t resemble one. Instead of the regular and boring packaging, it came in a pouch. It is what made it so attractive was the unique idea associated with it. The juice added a punch of energy, much-needed on a sunny and tiring day.

19. Keebler’s Magic Middles

Keebler Magic Middles

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Keebler’s magic delight was another sugary delight often consumed as a sweet dish rather than a snack. Its chocolate frosting inside provided it with a burst of sugar and sweetness.

20. Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake

Sare Lee all butter pound cake

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The Sara Lee all-butter pound cake was one of the simplest snacks around. It didn’t have much like frostings or other fillings, but people still adored it. However, it is an all-age snack that was liked by not only kids but adults. 

The Cake was often seen with teas and a standard offering to the guests whenever someone came around. 

21. Breyer’s Streets Viennetta

Breyer’s Streets Viennetta

Twirled ice cream ribbons in the Breyer’s streets Viennetta was charming to see, but these crunchy chocolate sheets of ice cream four-sided cakes were a very popular choice back in the 90’s. If you could not enjoy them back in the day, luckily for you, they are still a popular choice in the UK. They can be found in the freezer aisle at the grocery store, and this decorative cooking cake was used on special occasions and manufactured in various flavors like mint and chocolate. One slice was never enough. 

22. Topps Bubble Gum Juice Cartons

Topps Bubble Gum Juice

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The Topps bubble gum juice cartons were extraordinarily addictive and coveted. The juice was so popular that many cartons were sold on the brink of an eye. The flavors consisted of basic juice like orange, apple, and grape; however, they released a Pink Lemonade. It also confused the consumers about the recipe as the expectation of this reward soon became a craving.

23. Hershey’s swoops

Hershey’s swoops

The Hershey’s swoops were thin-sliced chocolate chips that resembled Pringles chips. It provided with the swoops were made with chocolate only. The expectation of chocolate chips at the end of each bite disappointed the buyers. It’s also one of the reasons why the product isn’t seen today. 

24. Ralston Rainbow Brite Cereal

Ralston Rainbow Brite Cereal

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Although the cereal was released after a movie with a similar name featured. Its similarities to other popular cereals hampered its growth into one of the necessities of the breakfast table. Despite not having a lasting impact, the Ralston Rainbow Brite cereal still made a mark on the table when it hit the market.

25. Nerds


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Nerds were tiny candies that looked like pebbles. Two sides of the boxes contained sweets in various flavors, and it resembled a mole, making it even more attractive, particularly to young kids. 

26. Nestle Quik Chocolate Powder

Nestle Quik Chocolate Powder

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In 1948, a chocolate powder was released by Nestle that could be added to milk glasses and enjoyed while you can also get the flavor with a spoon. Even though it was out in the 40s, it was also a great thing that I used to love to drink in the 80s. The famous mascot Quirky, the rabbit was the favorite of many people; it had a big brown” on its shirt it advertised our most desired flavored milk drinks. Banana and strawberry flavors were added to the market. For a short instance, you could also find the powder in cookies ‘cream and vanilla. Nesquik was born in 1999, and the Q on Quiky’s shirt was replaced with an”. Even though the powder was initially sold in cans, you can still find it in modern packages. 

27. Microwave Popcorn

Microwave Popcorn

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Microwave popcorn is still a popular choice. However, the trend started back in the80’s and90’s. The main benefit of the snacks is convenience, as they can be prepared easily within minutes. Their salty and cheesy flavor proves to be an optimal yet healthy snack that can be easily prepared within seconds.

Another advantage of popcorns is that although they are a filling snack, they are also low in calories. Thus you would be stuffing yourself with a comparatively healthy option.

28. Hot Pockets

Hot Pockets

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Hot pockets were a DIY snack that kids could prepare after school. The pizza slice could be inserted into the microwave and warmed at a specific heat. The pizza slice resembled a bakery delight, which was something that kids preferred back in the day.

It was also the reason for its popularity. However, it wasn’t an age-restricted snack. 

29. Fruit Roll-Ups

Fruit Roll-Ups

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The fruit roll-ups were a lunchbox staple. The chewy fruity roll-up was present in all the cool kids’ bags, and it was a delight that everyone anticipated. 

30. Sparkle Cherry Laffy Taffy

Sparkle Cherry Laffy Taffy

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Sparkle Cherry Laffy Taffy was the top candy for most kids in the 80s. If you have ever faced the incredible chewy texture of the prevalent candy in the 80s, you would be well aware of its hype. The consumable sparkle was conveyed into our biosphere with taffy, and it blended into the sugariness that allowed you to pull and twist it before consumption. It’s undoubtedly remarkable all these years afterward. Candy was once craved by many children, although the buying habits have massively evolved since then. 



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