Get Ready to Rewind the Decades with an 80’s Trivia Party

Get Ready to Rewind the Decades with an 80s Trivia Party.

Step back in time and relive the unforgettable decade of the 80s with our exciting 80s Trivia Party. Have a fun time filled with nostalgia as you showcase your knowledge of the era’s colorful fashion trends, wild music, and iconic movies. Answer questions about the biggest pop stars, fads, films, and more, and let’s see who knows the most about the greatest hits of the 1980s. Dress to impress in your best 80s attire, and prepare for a fun-filled night of entertainment.

Test Your Knowledge of the 1980s with an 80s Trivia Party.

We’ll provide you with a list of questions returning memories from the decade. Gather your friends for an unforgettable night, and test each other’s understanding of this classic era. Experience the thrill of competing against each other in answering questions about popular culture, film trivia, music facts, and more. Be the one who knows it all and win prizes at our 80s Trivia Party!

      Here’s how it works:


  • We’ll ask a question and give you four possible answers.
  • You’ll have 60 seconds to write down your answer.
  • After the time is up, we’ll reveal the answer. If you’re correct, you get a point!
  • The person with the most points at the end of the game wins an awesome 80s prize!
  • Grab a pen and paper, and let’s get started!

Question 1: Music 🎵

Which song by Michael Jackson from his album “Thriller” was NOT a number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100?

A) “Beat It”

B) “Billie Jean”

C) “Human Nature”

D) “Thriller”

Question 2: Movies 🎬

What is the creature’s name in the 1982 movie “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”?

A) E.T.

B) Alf

C) Gizmo

D) Yoda

Question 3: TV Shows 📺

Which T.V. show debuted in the ’80s featured characters named Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia?

A) “Cheers”

B) “The Golden Girls”

C) “The Cosby Show”

D) “Family Ties”

Question 4: Sports ⚽

Who won the men’s singles title at Wimbledon in 1985, becoming the youngest-ever winner at 17?

A) Ivan Lendl

B) Boris Becker

C) John McEnroe

D) Jimmy Connors

Question 5: World Events 🌍

Which wall, symbolizing the division between East and West, began to be torn down in 1989?

A) The Berlin Wall

B) The Great Wall of China

C) Hadrian’s Wall

D) The Western Wall

Question 6: Music 🎵Who sang the 1981 hit “Don’t Stop Believin'”?

A) Aerosmith

B) Journey

C) Queen

D) The Eagles

Question 7: Movies 🎬

What is the name of the high school in the 1985 film “The Breakfast Club”?

A) Ridgemont High

B) Shermer High School

C) West Beverly High

D) Bayside High

Question 8: TV Shows 📺

What were the names of the two Dukes in “The Dukes of Hazzard”?

    A) Luke and Jesse

B) Bo and Luke

C) Jesse and Bo

     D) Hogg and Rosco

Question 9: Sports ⚽

Who won the first-ever Women’s World Cup in 1982?


      B) Germany

C) China

                                                                  D) There was no Women’s World Cup in 1982

Question 10: World Events 🌍

In 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred. How many seconds after launch did the disaster happen?

A) 23 seconds

B) 73 seconds

C) 123 seconds

D) 173 seconds

Question 11: Music 🎵

Which British band released the album “Brothers in Arms” in 1985?

A) The Smiths

B) Dire Straits

C) The Police

D) Pink Floyd

Question 12: Movies 🎬

In the 1980 film “The Empire Strikes Back,” who is the first character to say “I love you”?

A) Luke Skywalker

B) Princess Leia

C) Han Solo

D) Chewbacca

Question 13: TV Shows 📺

In the 80’s show “Knight Rider,” what was the name of the talking car?



                C) Optimus Prime

D) Herbie

Question 14: Sports ⚽

Who held the NBA record for the most points in a single season in the 1980s?

          A) Magic Johnson

B) Larry Bird

         C) Michael Jordan

                    D) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Question 15: World Events 🌍

Which video game was released in 1980, starting the golden age of arcade video games?

       A) Donkey Kong

B) Pac-Man

           C) Space Invaders

D) Pong

Keep the party going, and have fun! Remember, it’s not just about the points – the memories, the laughs, and the good times shared.

 Answers key:

C) “Human Nature”

A) E.T.

B) “The Golden Girls”

B) Boris Becker

A) The Berlin Wall

B) Journey

B) Shermer High School

B) Bo and Luke

D) There was no Women’s World Cup in 1982

B) 73 seconds

B) Dire Straits

B) Princess Leia


C) Michael Jordan

B) Pac-Man



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