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MTV in the 80’s beginning

If you love music as I do, you will know exactly what MTV is. It was a great place to hear all the latest and great music in the 80s.

I remember trying to stay up for hours so that I would be able to watch all the videos on there.

I never wanted to miss a video because I felt that the video I missed would be the best one if I did. Then I would have to wait another hour or so to see it again.

As most of us can see, MTV is not the same as when it first came out in the 80s.

But what was it like in the 80s, you ask? 

I will paint you an obvious picture of what MTV was like in the 80s.

What does MTV mean?

Well, the basic definition of MTV is a channel of cable television.

That’s how you would explain it if you want to give a fast straight, point response.

But it was and still is much more than that.

It opened many doors for musicians in the 1980s because they had a way of putting their music into a video.

When did MTV start

MTV: was first launched on Aug 1, 1981.

Being the first-ever TV station that was able to play the music video.

One of the first artist that played their music video on MTV was a group called “The Buggles” and they played their song called “Video killed the radio star”.

⇓Here is the full video below⇓

This song was a hit and set MTV off on a great start to explore something new and different.

The second song was Pat Benatar’s “You Better Run”

⇓Check out her video. ⇓

MTV picked her as the follow-up song because she was rock-n-roll as well, and her song echo the hard rock feel that the previous artist gave.

What exactly do MTV stand for

The meaning of MTV is Music Television or Music TV, each way you put it, they both have the same abbreviation. MTV is based out of the city of New York.

This is only natural because that is one of the biggest and oldest cities in the world.

And one of the top places to go to start a music career. I remember hearing the saying that “New York is the land of opportunities”.

The founders of MTV

Robert Pittman was the CEO of MTV and the co-founder and programmer who directed the team that created MTV

John Sykes was the Director of Promotions and Artist relations. He created shows for MTV like:

√ One Night Stand

√ Pink house giveaway

√ Lost weekend 

Les Garlandwas the head of programming. He also was the executive producer of the first 6 MTV Video Music Awards.

Tom Freston , the head of marketing. And in 1987, he became the president and CEO of MTV.

The impact MTV had in the 1980s

When MTV launched, it was the best thing that happened in the 80s. Mainly because it was the first of its kind, the other way that artists back then could express their music through video was with live performances.

When MTV came out, it allowed another way to show videos repeatedly without having to perform consecutively, which made their music more well-known in different parts of the world.

Top Hip hop music video on MTV in the 80s

For the past 5 years that MTV was broadcasting music videos, they have not featured A hip-hop artist and that time period.

That all changed when RUN DMC became the first hip-hop band that played their music video on MTV in 1986. The first song that was played was a song that they created in 1984 called “Rock box,” it was their 3rd single off of their self-titled album “RUN-DMC.”

⇓Here is the official video⇓ 

What is MTV like now

I have seen MTV change a lot over the past years, and I don’t know if it’s me, but I don’t see many music videos like I used to see in the 1980s and 1990s.

I miss the original MTV shows that used to play in the 80s, like; MTV unplugged, Where you can hear the raw uncut voice of any artist that came on that show because it was played without music. They normally song acapella with always sounded super awesome. Some of my other favorite MTV shows in the 80s were: 

Headbangers ball

• Yo! MTV Raps

•Club MTV

Now the shows that they are playing now on MTV are like the following:

•The Challenge 

•The Hills 

•Ex on the beach

•Jersey shore 

•My super Sweet 16

• How far is the tattoo far?

I’m not saying that these shows are bad. They are great shows. Just completely different from the shows in the 80s

My final thought about MTV

MTV has been involved over the past decades, and I’m sure it should have because nothing can stay the same forever.

So they’re trying to keep up with the current times. But in my opinion, MTV was a little better in the 80s because it was focused more on music.

The only way you have to watch a music video is through an app, YouTube, etc. This is not all bad because a lot of people found success through using today’s technology.

In reality, the 80s was just a better time for music. It was more original and organic.