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80s car

I like to think that the 80s were the coolest decade producing so many great and iconic cars.

The styles and details put into the cars made the 80s look so great and unique. 

The materials used in the 80s were super rare and would not be able to be found these days. For me, to have the luxury to own one of those cars would be great.

I am not a car collector, but it would be great to own a piece of history because history is the one thing that can’t be changed.

The top 5 cars of the 1980s

Ford cars of the 80s

Ford is a car manufacturing company founded by Henry Ford in 1903. In the 1980s, Ford started to produce more compact vehicles, and its models included the Escort, Granada, and Contour. 

Below is a list of the top 6 cars made by Ford cars that were popular in the 80s:

1984 Ford Mustang

The 1984 Ford Mustang was a four-cylinder engine with a five-speed manual transmission. It had a front fascia that was designed to resemble the ’69 Shelby GT500. The car was first introduced as the Mustang II but eventually became known as the Fox Body Mustang due to its chassis design. The exterior design of the car is reminiscent of older Mustangs which is why it is often called a classic or retro design

1980 Ford Thunderbird

In 1980, Ford reintroduced the Thunderbird with a new style and much-improved quality.

In 1980, Ford introduced the Thunderbird from their storied past with a new style and much-improved quality.

The original Thunderbird was manufactured from 1955 to 1957. It was a two-door, two-passenger convertible that offered a powerful V8 engine and a retractable hardtop. The styling of the car was distinctively American, with clean lines and an emphasis on performance.

The 1980 model drastically differed from its predecessor in both powertrain and visual design. The four-cylinder engine provided better fuel economy, while the turbocharged four-cylinder “High Output” engine gave it more muscle than its predecessor. In addition, this model featured body-colored bumpers, which made it stand out from

1989 Ford Bronco II

Ford Bronco II was the successor of Ford Bronco. Ford Motor Company produced it from 1983 to 1990. It had a simple design with a wider track but was still limited in terms of power and off-road capability. It had two engines available: the 2.8L Cologne V6 engine and the 4.2L Essex V6 engine. The four-wheel-drive system was not very capable and used a solid rear axle, making it prone to wheel hop on difficult terrain.

1982 Ford LTD Crown Victoria

The 1982 Ford LTD Crown Victoria is a full-size car made by the Ford Motor Company. It is often considered one of the best American cars of all time.

The 1982 Ford LTD Crown Victoria has a long history that goes back to 1934 with its first appearance as the Mercury Eight. However, its production continued until 1986 with no major design or production process changes. The 1982 model came with either a 255-cubic inch (4.2 liters) or 302-cubic inch (5 liters) V8 engine, which was both powerful and efficient at the time.

1983 To 1987 Mustang GT Convertible

The 1983 To 1987 Mustang GT Convertible is the only convertible in the “Fox Body” generation of Mustangs. It was produced by Ford’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division. The 1983 To 1987 Mustang GT Convertible was powered by a 5.0L V-8 engine with 210 hp and 315 lb-ft of torque. For the 1985 model year, power was increased to 220 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. The 1984 To 1987 Mustang GT Convertible had a standard 3.08:1 rear end gear ratio, while all other Mustangs were equipped with 3.27:1 gear ratios.

1985-1987 Lincoln Town Car

The 1985-1987 Lincoln Town Car is a large car that has a V8 engine. It is an attractive car with its design and interior. The car was first available in 1985 and discontinued in 1987.

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The 1989 Cadillac

The Cadillac is one of the most fantastic cars; you will never pass this car without a detailed look at it. It has a smooth, clean look, and this car has been evaluated so much since it first launched in 1902.

For me, this was the best kind of car that was made in the 1980s.

This type of car was featured in many different movies mainly because of its size and design. 

One of my favorite movies in 1989 was called “Pink Cadillac,” which was a feature by Clint Eastwood; this was a fantastic movie. 

Many other movies featured Cadillacs. For me, I love the look of The Cadillacs because the tire was always clean with that white outline. When you set it, you felt like luxury.

 The Cadillac was the first car to have a massive V8 engine. So, if you like to hear the power in your engine, this was the car for you.

The model that I like the most was the one that was created in 1987 by Fleetwood brougham.

This car was one of the most incredible cars in my book. It was a four-door car, it had a 4 point three diesel V6 engine, and only two thousand of these cars were ever made.

If you were to buy this car in 1987, the price would be about $35,000.

1981 Chevy Camaro

The Camaro is considered a “muscle car,” which in other words means that it’s a high-performance 80s sports car. Another car to consider is muscle cars which is:

Ford Thunderbird

1980s pontiac firebird

Pontiac Firebird

ford thunder bird

There are many more, but the Chevy Camaro sets itself apart by its looks and styles.

The first Camaro was made in 1967 in Switzerland, at the GM facility.

The last model was made in 1981; this car was iconic for having a small body with a two-door frame. 

As for me, I love to have a red color. The red looked fresh, stylish, and super clean. 

This was the type of car that I would’ve put an umbrella over if it were raining. 

You get the feeling as if you are in a different dimension when you’re sitting in it. Even though I haven’t set in one, if I were to, I’m sure I would feel that.

 Most of the cars I’ve seen have a black interior that looks incredible to me.

 Who wouldn’t want to drive this car in the 80s?

Who wouldn’t want to drive this car now?

           Fun Fact: The first car was made in 1885. I just figure you should know that.

1980s Jeep Wagoneer

The Jeep Wagon isn’t one of the best-looking cars of the 1980s.

I put this on my list because of its size; this was the perfect family car.

 It was super big without having to have a huge truck or van.

Jeep Wagoneer was the first luxury 4×4, meaning that when you are driving, all four wheels will be turning sometime. 

The Jeep Wagon was also known as a “station wagon.”

This was not a car that a teenager wanted to drive. I remember many iconic movies from the 1980s was the teen would ask their parents to borrow the car. 

The parent would say yes, take the station wagon, and the teen’s jaw would drop. 

Those scenes were always hilarious to me. This was the type of car that you would have if you had a big family so everyone would fit in at once. The station wagon stayed in production for 29 models. 

The last car that was made was in 1991. 

Station wagons always get a bad rap mainly because of their bulky body. But this was the perfect car to have in the 80s for a family.

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1985 Audi

This car was a beast; it set a different vehicle standard when the Audi Quattro came out in 1980.

 It was the first car featured in the “Rally Car,” Which is a speed competition.

 It can take place on a public or private road. It changed the rules to allow four-wheel-drive in competition. This car was a banger because it won two consecutive years in a racing competition. 

It was made in Germany there was production for this car from 1980-1991. This car was for more of the racers in the 80s, and the Audi out many doors for other race cars.

DMC DeLorean

This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t feature the car in the movie Back to the Future.

 One of the best cars of the 80s was the DMC DeLorean, and it was the first and only car in the 1980s to have doors that we could open upwards. 

The company did not make many cars. But for the vehicle they did make, if it were on the market today brand new, it would be a price of about $70,000. 

The movie Back to the Future made this car one of the features in this movie. No one knew what to do when Michael J Fox stepped out of this car in the film.

 This company only made cars from 1981 to 1983, so the company was not opened very long. 

But from the time it was open, it introduced the world to great cars that were never seen before. This car was estimated to be priced at $12,000 in the 1980s, but after scrum debate, they realized that the model should be worth 25,000. 

I think that was an excellent piece for a car like this; it was a car that was made about its time. There was a 5-speed transmission, and the engine power was 2.85; the body type was a sports car. 

Many features made this car super unique in the 1980s. The car’s body is stainless steel, so that means if I had this car right now, it would be rust-free. 

I think that was a great idea.

The evolution of cars had come so far since 1885, when the first car was made. 

There’re so many other cars in production that will be a part of history as well. 

When you think about it, a car isn’t just a piece of metal you drive around. You have to feel a little further than that; it’s a piece of metal that was a part of history.

 And there’s a story behind each car that was made. 

So next time you are sitting in your car, think to yourself. 

How many different generations does it takes to create that magnificent piece of metal we call a car.

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Other Cool Cars of the 80s


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