Best 80s family board games

When you grow up in the 80sOpens in a new tab., you spend a lot of your childhood outside playing or playing classic board games in the house. I used to do a mix of both.

Which would make me an expert in knowing the best board games of the 80s.  Therefore I have made a list of the best classic games of the 80s you must play. 

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80s operation

This was one of my favorite games when I was just a kid. I used to enjoy beating my sisters and brothers every time.

What did Operation come out Opens in a new tab.

The operation game was made in 1964 by John Spinello

How to play this board game

Well, coming for an expert, like myself, lol. The basics of the game were to use a pair of tweezers to remove pieces
of the body part from the body. And you had to do this without touching the sides. If you were to hit the side, there would be a
loud buzzing sound. And that sound was something no one wanted to hear.

hungry hungry hippos

This would be aboard to play at a sleepover with your friends.

When did Hungry Hungry hippos come outOpens in a new tab.

In 1967 the game was published by Fred Kroll but didn’t become popular until 1978

How to play this board game

When playing this game, you had to move fast, which is how to win. The game had colorful hippopotamuses that would open their mouths when you pressed on their head. So what you have to do is open their mouth and get the most balls in their months. The person that eats the most balls wins.


When did Sorry! come outOpens in a new tab.

Believe it or not, this game was out in 1929 by William henry. A British game manufacturer. But it became a well-known board game in the 80sOpens in a new tab..
This is an excellent game with a lot of history and is a great board game for adults of all ages.

How to play this board game

The game’s object was to get your pawns for the start of your space in the home space. Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s not
that simple. Every time you roll the dice, you have to pick up a card telling you to do different things. Some
of the things would be good and some bad. Whoever can make it to the home space wins.

mouse trap board game

When did the Mousetrap game come outOpens in a new tab.

This game was available to the world in 1963 by a company name ideal

How to this 80s broad game

The basics of this game are in the title. Every player is given a mouse-shaped game piece. You had to trap your component in a mousetrap.

When you roll the dice, you will move your pieces to the number shown on the dice. If the player lands on a build space
that is the same as the number of players in the game, and then they must build the next unbuilt piece of the mousetrap.

And they would
also have to take a piece of cheese token. If a player lands on one of these spaces while an opposing mouse is on the cheese wheel space.

Then they must turn the crank to start the mousetrap. And if the mousetrap runs successfully, the cage will fall
on any opposing mice on the space, and they would be out.


When did Clue come outOpens in a new tab.

This is another game that was out long before the 80s but was still a great board game. It was released in 1944 and created by Anthony E. Pratt.

How to play the complete game

The basics of the game are to figure out the details of the murder from the cards in the envelopes. The person that solves the
murder correctly wins.


When did Trouble come outOpens in a new tab.

Made available in 1965 and was created by the Kohner brothers.

How to play the game

You have to get all of your pieces across the board. To do that, you have to press the pop button in the middle of the board
that have the dices in the.

To move your piece from your home base, you must roll a “6” first, and then you can move it from the home base.
The first person to get all their pieces around the broad wins.

This one was also a great 80s game because there was no battery included,
but you would think the popup dice took a battery. I thought it took battery like a kid, and I was super happy when I realized it didn’t.

Snakes and Ladders

When did snakes and ladders come outOpens in a new tab.

This game was made in 1943 by Milton Bradley but became super popular in the late 80s and to the early 90s.

How the game is played

The Player is given a token on the starting square. Each player is given a turn to roll the dice, and they will move to the square shown on the dice.

The tokens follow a set of routes marked on the gameboard and usually have a boustrophedon track (an ancient symbol).
If a player’s token lands on the lower-numbered end of a ladder, the player can move the toke up to the ladder’s higher-numbered square.

If a player lands on the higher number square of a snake, they will have to move to the lower number.

The player that brings their token to the last square of the track wins.

trivial pursuit

When did trivial pursuit come outOpens in a new tab.

In 1979 by, Chris Haney

How to play the game

You have to move around the board by answering trivia questions. When a player’s counter lands on a square, they will have to answer
According to their color, the questions relate to one of the six categories.


Once a player has collected one wedge of each color and filled up their playing piece.

They must return to the hub to answer a question in a category selected by the other
players. If they answer the question correctly, they win. If you answer correctly, you continue, the correct answer

on a category, headquarters space gets a wedge of that color, if you don’t have one already.


When did Monopoly come outOpens in a new tab.

This board game is one of the oldest games still being played in 2019 and one of the best games to play in the 1980s.

It’s stated that this game was invented in 1903.
The creator of this game was Lizzie Magie, an American anti-monopolist.

How to play the game

The goal of the game is to have all the land and money. Every player is given a certain amount of money and a piece to move around with.
You can have to move around with many different shapes, from shoes to a horse.

Everyone is given a turn to roll the dice, and then you would move your piece to the number it states on the dice. The spaces you land on have things on them for you to do.

When you have enough money, you can buy properties, and you would put them on the spaces on the board. So it would tell you things like picking up a card or going directly to jail. If someone were to land on your space with your properties, they are required to pay you rent. To win, you have to have the most money on properties.

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