Best 80s family board games

When you grow up in the 80s, you spend a lot of your childhood outside playing or playing classic board games in the house. I used to do a mix of both.

Which would make me an expert in knowing the best board games of the 80s.  Therefore I have made a list of the best classic games of the 80s you must play. 

80s operation

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This was one of my favorite games when I was just a kid. I used to enjoy beating my sisters and brothers every time.

When did Operation come out

The operation game was made in 1964 by John Spinello

How to play this board game

The game’s objective is to remove body parts with tweezers without touching the sides. A buzzing sound indicates a mistake.

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This game would be a great board game to play at a sleepover with your friends.

When did Hungry Hungry Hippos come out

In 1967 Fred Kroll published the game, but it didn’t become popular until 1978.

How to play this board game

When playing this game, the objective is to move quickly to win. The game features colorful hippopotamuses that open their mouths when you press on their heads. The goal is to get the most balls into the hippopotamuses’ mouths. The person who eats the most balls wins.

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When did Sorry! come out

Believe it or not, this game was out in 1929 by William Henry. A British game manufacturer. But it became a well-known board game in the 80s.
This is an excellent game with a lot of history and is a great board game for adults of all ages.

How to play this board game

The game’s object is to move your pawns from start to home. However, rolling the dice requires drawing cards that can have positive or negative effects. The first player to reach home wins.

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When did the Mousetrap game come out

This game was available to the world in 1963 by Ideal.

How to this 80s broad game

The game is called Mouse Trap and involves players moving their mouse-shaped game pieces to the number on the dice. If a player lands on a build space matching the number of players, they must build the next unbuilt piece of the mousetrap and take a cheese token. If an opposing mouse is in the cheese wheel space, the player must turn the crank to start the mousetrap, which will fall on any opposing mice in the space, eliminating them.

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When did Clue come out

This board game was created by Anthony E. Pratt in 1944 but is still highly regarded in the 80s.

How to play the complete game

The objective of the game is to solve the murder by analyzing clues from cards in the envelopes. The player who correctly identifies the murderer wins.

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When did Trouble come out

Trouble was made available in 1965 and was created by the Kohner brothers.

How to play the game

You must move all your pieces across the board by rolling the dice and pressing the pop button in the middle of the board. To move a piece from your home base, roll a “6” first. The first player to move all their pieces around the board wins. This 80s game doesn’t require batteries for the pop-up dice.

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When did snakes and ladders come out

This game was made in 1943 by Milton Bradley but became super popular in the late 80s and early 90s.

How the game is played

The game starts with each player receiving a token on the starting square. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their token to the corresponding square. The gameboard has a set of routes marked, usually in the boustrophedon track (an ancient symbol). If a player’s token lands on the lower-numbered end of a ladder, the player can climb up to the higher-numbered square. However, if the token lands on the higher-numbered square of a snake, the player must move down to the lower square. The player that reaches the last square on the track wins.

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When did trivial pursuit come out

In 1979, it was invented by Chris Haney.

How to play the game

You move around the board by answering trivia questions related to one of six categories based on the color of the square you land on. Collect one wedge of each color and return to the hub to answer a question. Answer correctly to win and receive a wedge of that color if you don’t have one.

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When did Monopoly come out

This board game, invented in 1903 by American anti-monopolist Lizzie Magie, is one of the oldest and best games still played today.

How to play the game

The objective of the game is to acquire all the properties and money. Each player is provided with a specific amount of money and a game piece to move around the board. The game pieces come in various shapes, such as shoes or horses. Players take turns rolling dice and moving their pieces the number of spaces indicated on the dice. The spaces on the board have various activities, and when a player has enough money, they can purchase properties and place them on the board. The game will prompt players to draw a card or go directly to jail. If a player lands on a space with another player’s property, they must pay rent. To win, a player must have the most money and property.

If you’re on the hunt for a nostalgic trip down memory lane that the whole family can enjoy, dive into the world of the best 80s family board games. These classic games, with their engaging mechanics and timeless appeal, have a unique way of bringing families together, sparking laughter, and creating memories that last a lifetime. From strategic conquests to hilarious challenges, the 80s offered a treasure trove of board games that remain beloved to this day. So, gather your loved ones, clear the table, and prepare to be transported back to a decade where family game nights were the pinnacle of home entertainment. Embrace the retro magic and let the games of the 80s reignite family bonding!

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