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80s Summer Fashion: How to Get the Look

Fun time and a calm vibe sum up the 80s summer fashion. The way you see these looks, you would think that you would have to spend hours shopping and even more hours putting the look together. But in reality, it is quite the opposite. The 80s were all about being carefree and having fun. So take a look at these 80s summer fashion tips on how to get the look with little to no effort.


Add some 80s flair to your summer wardrobe

The 80s was the decade when fashion found its voice. Women were exploring their style options and trying new things while making a fashion statement at the same time. Men were more carefree with their style, and they would put on outfits that made them feel cool. The 80s was also the decade when summer fashion came into its own. People would experiment with different styles and colors and weren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. This was when fashion became fun, exciting, and full of personality. Let’s learn about some key pieces of 80s clothes you need to own to pull off the 80s summer fashion.

Women 80s summer fashion


vintage dress

colorful shorts

off the shorter shirts

80s floral dress

Acid wash denim shorts

Pencil skirt

Skater skirts

Mini skirts

tulle skirt

High waist short pants

Tight leggings

Spandex one piece

Jelly shoes


Men 80s summer fashion

Vintage swimming tanks

Men’s pattern button-up shirt

vintage t-shirt

lightweight windbreaker jacket

colorful shorts

Loose-fitting jeans

Sneakers or boat shoes

Cut off shirts

White long summer pant

rolled up sleeves shirts

A summer blazer jacket

Ray-ban sunglasses


To sum up the basics of 80s summer fashion

Trying to achieve the 80s summer fashion styles can be effortless. The primary key is to make the style your our. Take a little bit of all the pieces I have included above and mix and match them together and you with most definitely have an 80s feel to your outfit.