Things to remember when throwing a 80s theme party

Who doesn’t love and miss the 80s? I know I do; that was the best decade ever. So if you are having a party, it only fits to throw an 80s theme party.

Then the question that comes up is how to do that. I will lay out the perfect steps that you need to follow to throw a great 80s party.

One of the critical things to have in an 80s theme party is the right decorations that people in the 80s would have had.

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How to budget for a 80s party

80s money

Don’t matter how much money you have. It’s always best to set a budget.

If you ever watched the show on MTVOpens in a new tab. called “my sweetie 16,”. The parents always have a budget for their kids, and some of them were even billions.

The importance of a budget is to set some boundaries for yourself. Even if you can afford to go all out, I’m sure you won’t be happy when you see that billing statement the next month.

If you are not sure how to manage your money, please read this article about saving money.Opens in a new tab.

Plan ahead

And if you are on a tight budget. Planning ahead of time will be an excellent idea for you.

So if you know that in 3 months, for now, you want to throw a party for yourself, family or friends. Start saving your money that same day.

Figure out an estimate of everything you want to have at your 80s party. Create a ballpark figure of how much everything is going to cost.

Once you have an amount, start putting the money aside to reach your goal before reaching your party date.


Picking the 80s theme

So now that you have the budget in place, it is time to start getting all the decorations.

The best way is to gather everything that’s 80s-related and put it together to make everything look great.

Below are some great examples and ideas to help you put together the perfect setup.

80s theme party table cloth

This 80s decorative island was made using. The following items:

Colorful PlatesOpens in a new tab.

80s plates

Black table clothOpens in a new tab.

80s table cloth

Colorful confettiOpens in a new tab.

80s confetti

80s theme party

This is an excellent idea for a table centerpiece, and it was made with:

Colorful cassette tapesOpens in a new tab.

80s tapes

There is no colorful tape; you will have to paint these the color of your choice, and I suggest using spray paintOpens in a new tab. because it’s faster.

And a cylinder glassOpens in a new tab.

Setting up the food and drinks

A great thing to have is an 80s theme candy area. It will have all the props and stuff from the 80s. So when people see it up, they will instantly think of the 80s.

Some of the best 80s candy are:

Here are some explains of a great 80s candy table:


Food: I think it’s better to have little snacks with the food. Unless you are throwing an 80s-themed dinner party, in that case, you would want to have a more elaborate dinner setting.

But if it’s a party, most of your quest will be too busy socializing to sit down to have a full meal.

You can also purchase these great 80s theme cups and plate sets from amazon. Check out the picture and link below.

Great set for an 80s partyOpens in a new tab.

Check out the explanation of a great snack table for an 80s party.

Drink: Picking suitable beverages for your party is important because you will have many different types of people at your 80s party.

So, in that case, you want to make sure that you have non-alcoholic drinks and alcoholic drinks. And you want to make sure that you have enough supply to last through the whole time of your party.

Because you don’t want to have to run and get more drinks and have to leave your party. 

How to put up decorations for an 80s theme party

So with the decorations, you want to be as elaborate as possible, so people can walk in and see a pretty setup of the 80s decade. So you want to have things like: 

80s theme tableclothOpens in a new tab.

80s theme seat covers Opens in a new tab.

80s theme wallpaper Opens in a new tab.

An 80s photo booths

With the 80s theme photo booth. I have created a free download of some great things in your 80s theme pictures.

This will download straight to your device, and you can print it out and customize it any way that you like.

But it works best if you can print it on construction-type paper or photo print paper, and if you do that, it will look more precise on the camera.

If you cannot get that, don’t worry; it’s still will look great in your 80s photos.

Click to get your free downloadOpens in a new tab..

Best music to play For a 80s party

Before your party, it will be a great idea to make a playlist of the music you want to play at your party.

Since you are throwing an 80s theme party, it’s only right only to play 80s music. The 80s had a lot of great music, so I am sure it will take you some time to pick the best songs.

If you are short on time or not sure what the best 80s songs are, I have created a playlist for you of the top hits of the 80sOpens in a new tab.. Pick the best ones you know and like from that list and download them onto your chosen device.

Playing game at your 80s play

There are two types of games that will to great for an 80s party; you have video games and board games.

At your 80s partyOpens in a new tab., you can set up an area where people can play these different types of games.

For the best board, check out this article, where I outline the best board games of the 80sOpens in a new tab. for video games. It will be a little more costly mainly because you would have to buy all the games and the gameplay if you don’t already have it.

But if it’s in your budget, then I would suggest getting the classic arcade games thing like

These will be some great games to keep the party going. But remember to stay on budget.

How to dress like the 80s

Once you have everything set up for your party is time to dress the part. Now is have to pick out the best 80s outfit to wear to your gathering.

Below are a few good explanations.

An Optimus prime shirt

80s transformaterGet is here


blondie-campGet it here

Back to the future

Back to the futureGet it here

Oscars trashy

oscars-trashyGet it here

But if you are looking to go into more detail with your 80s looks, check out these articles below:


Throwing an 80s theme party is always a great idea. Remember to have fun at your party because that’s one of the main reasons you’re throwing a party. Don’t be the person passing out drinks 24/7 and never get to sit down and enjoy what you have created. 

A party is not a party until you’re having fun.”

keep that in mind!


I am a blogger that was born in the 1980's. So I decided to write about the 1980's because I feel that was one of the best decades ever.

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