80s workout clothes

Have you ever just wanted to dress like the 80s, even when you are working out. In the  80s the exerciseOpens in a new tab. outfits that they had on were about the same as we wear now just a little more tight and colorful.

I will take you back to the 80s workout clothes and show you everything that you need to wear to be a fashionable 80s workout person.
And have all eyes on you at the gym.

For a full list of 80s shoes click here to check out a complete article about thatOpens in a new tab.

The 80s sweatband and wristbandOpens in a new tab.

80s headbandThis was a great 80s sweatbandOpens in a new tab. product to use to clear all the sweat off your head when you were working out. And it also looked super cool when you were wearing it.

The off the shoulder workout shirtOpens in a new tab.

80s shoulder workout shirtI loved this 80s shirtOpens in a new tab. because it was a great way to show off your muscle and look good while doing it.

The bodysuitOpens in a new tab.

body suitThis bodysuit Opens in a new tab.was used as a sports bra and a shirt.

The 80s leggings Opens in a new tab.

leggingsThese 80s leggingsOpens in a new tab. were the basic style of the 80s. Bright, tight, and fashionable.

The complete lookOpens in a new tab.

80s workout clothesIf you were wondering how everything will look together.Well here it is, the complete 80s workout lookOpens in a new tab..

The windbreaker jacketOpens in a new tab.

windbreaker 80s jacketIf you wanted an extra layer of the 80s workout clothesOpens in a new tab.. Then you can’t forget about the vintage 80s windbreaker jacket.

Leg warmersOpens in a new tab.

leg warmersIn the 80s, sometimes instead of socksOpens in a new tab., they would wear these cute leg warmers.

80s exercise shortsOpens in a new tab.

80s shortsWhen it was hot outside or you just wanted to show off your legs.
 These 80s shortsOpens in a new tab. will be the best choice for you.

Tank top workout shirtOpens in a new tab.

80s tank top


80s workout clothesOpens in a new tab. for men

Retro workout shortsOpens in a new tab.

retro shorts
These 1980s pantsOpens in a new tab. were what most men had on in the 80s.
 Even if they weren’t going to the gym. Because these shorts are super comfortable.

The SweatsuitOpens in a new tab.

80s sweat suitA great all in one set sweatsuitOpens in a new tab.. It was good to wear on any occasion.

The jumpsuit outfitOpens in a new tab.

80s jumpsuitThis was a style for some men in the 80s to wear at the gymOpens in a new tab..

So there you have it the complete workout clothes of the 80s. Which one do you think is the best?

I would love to know what you think about this list.

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I hope this information helped you.


I am a blogger that was born in the 1980's. So I decided to write about the 1980's because I feel that was one of the best decades ever.

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