How to dress like the 1980’s

Do you want to dress like it 1980’s?

Well, you have come to the right place. I just love the 1980’s.

That was one of the best decades, not only because that was the decade that I was born in.

Mainly because of the fashion and the good vibe that they had.


big hair


The hair for the women in the 1980s was all about volume and frizz.

It crazy because now these days we are trying to figure out how
to stop the frizz.
For the men, it was about the same with the big hair and frizz.

But for some guys that wanted to think outside the box is was also about either the rat tail or the mullet cut.

If I had to pick between the two I think I would go with the mullet cut. The rat tail name is a little weird for me. lol


Some of the colors that were used

The makeup was very flashy and full of colors. Bright color to be more specific.

The eye shadow was mostly always a bright color.

The eyebrow was more natural. Which is the opposite of what we have now.

Because the eyebrow is one of the main things we focus on when we are doing our makeup.

The way the cheekbone makeup was done was pretty cool.

It was mixed with fresh vibrant colors but not too bright, it was just the right level of brightest to blend in with the rest of the makeup.




This is the chain-link jewelry that most guys would wear

Flashy was the thing. The more the shin the better the style. The jewelry for women was colorful, big, or long.

There were oversize earrings, with many
different shapes and patterns. The necklaces with super long and big. And you couldn’t just wear one you, you had to have many necklaces at that a time.

This has
came back in style for sure. I just love this style is something I would throw on when I go out with my husband.

The type of jewelry for the guys
was about the same as the woman besides the colors.

The guys would wear big gold chains. The thicker the chain the better.

And there was not just one chain, it was about how much you can fit about your neck that a time.


off the shoulder shirt for women

So many different styles of shirts were worn in the 1980’s.

Some people like Prince the singer, love to wear cut off shirts.

These types of shirts would show their stomach.

The name of these shirts was called “crop tops for boys”.

And this type of shirt was very poplars for women to wear as well.

99.6 % of the time the shirts that were worn in that time were some type of design on the front of the shirt.

It’s was the most rock bank shirt because rock music was more popular around that time.

And other times
you were a patten type of shirt.

For us, a woman is was all about the shoulder. The shirt had to fall off the shoulder just right.

And there were shirts with both shoulders out.
This look was a simple way of being sexy without showing too much.


One of the most popular windbreaker jackets of the 1980’s

Black leather and oversized would describe the main type of jackets that were worn by both men and women.

The second main type was the windbreaker jacket that could be worn with anything.

The next jacket is the dressy jacket with the pointy rounded shoulder.

Out of all these jackets, the windbreaker jacket is my favorite one.

Mainly because you can wear this jacket at any time, in hot or cold weather. 


The chain belt

The belts that were wear came in many different styles. There were small skinny belts and big thick ones.

The one that was worn the most was the belt that looks like a chain.

It hangs down your hips which was a great belt to bring out a simple style.

There were many other popular belts.
Like the stander buck belt, this type of belt never went out of style.

I think the main reason for that is because it can be worn with anything.


One style of the most popular types of pants for both men and women

For women, it was all about the high-waisted pants. Mostly the jean high waisted pants.

That was all the rave. Leather pants were
also popular around that time too. For the guys, it was jean pants as well. But some guys liked to change it up and wear colorful printed pants.


The main pair of reebok that was worn

The type of shoes that was a hit was reeboks, and Chuck Taylors for both women and men.

For the guys that didn’t want to dress sporty.

They would
wear boots with a slight heel on them. For the women, they would wear a super high heel with an open toe.

So women would pair socks was the open toe shoes.

A wear most definitely wear that look.


For me, fashion in the 1980s was all about attitude.

It was a way to express yourself through clothes. And we are now back in that same time zone, where clothes represent who you are some a person.

Also, the popular clothes from the 80s are making a grand appearance each day in someone’s wardrobe.

Side note: These pictures are affiliate links, I do receive a commission when they are purchased through this link, but the main reason I included these pictures is to give you a more in-depth feeling of how the clothes look in the 1980s


I am a blogger that was born in the 1980's. So I decided to write about the 1980's because I feel that was one of the best decades ever.

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