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Most of us that were born in the United States have heard of Tommy Hilfiger before. And I’m quite sure that people that weren’t born in the United States have heard of Tommy Hilfiger as well.

He has been one of the most famous clothing designers for the two decades that he’s been designing clothes. Not only does he design clothes but he designs many other things like:

he has branched off into so many different revenues making his brand well-known. Tommy Hilfiger is currently 68 years old and I think that he looks very great for his age.

When was tommy hilfiger founded

Tommy Hilfiger was founded in 1985 and continues to work and build on his brand. He officially launched his own clothing store In 1997 In Beverly Hills and then another store in London In 1998.

That opens many doors for Tommy Hilfiger and he began to continue to market his brand and expand and open many other stores. Also, he was able to get his designs on the runway many times.

Who is Tommy hilfiger marry to

Tommy Hilfiger has a wife name, Dee Ocleppo Hilfiger. These guys have been married since 2008.

His wife also has her own clothing line named after her first and last name(Dee Ocleppo) with the Hilfiger at the end.

She has been selling clothes since 2012.

How much is Tommy Hilfiger worth

According to It states that Tommy Hilfiger is currently worth 400 million dollars.

How much biological children do tommy have

Hilfiger currently has 5 children by the names of:

Ally Hilfiger: Born, February 26th, 1985 and is currently 34 years old

Richard Hilfiger: Born, March 28th, 1990 and is currently 29 years old 

Sebastian Thomas Hilfiger: Born, in 2009 and is currently 9 years old 

Elizabeth Hilfiger: Born in 1993 and is currently 25 years old

Kathleen Hilfiger: Born in 1995 and is currently 21 years old

Is tommy hilfiger jeans different from tommy hilfiger

When you hear Tommy Hilfiger jeans and Tommy Hilfiger, you wonder to yourself are they the same person.

To answer your question, yes it is. Basically, it’s a branding decision from Tommy Hilfiger, that he wanted to rebrand the Tommy Hilfiger name with different collections. It’s the same guy, same company but just different collections.

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