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Are you wearing Guess now or wore it in the past, but were unsure of who the owner was and how everything came together?

If your answer is yes, I feel your pain. But hey, didn’t worry because I got you covered.

Here is the history of GUESS! 

Guess was founded by four brothers named:

⇒ Paul Marciano

⇒ Georges Marciano

⇒ Maurice Marciano

⇒ Armand Marciano

How GUESS was founded

Guess first started in France, where the brothers launched their first store. After the great success of that store, the brothers decided to put out another store in America.

The store in France was called MAG and was launched in about 1977. When the brother came to America they begin working on making a second clothing store. In 1981 the brothers founded a second store called GUESS

The meaning of the GUESS brand

I’m sure you may have thought that the GUESS brand was an abbreviation that is more like a question. Which in fact is completely the case. The Guess brand origin is from asking a question. But it was thought of by George (one of the brothers) on a long drive home to turn this GUESS word into a brand.

The Guess logo design is a much more meaningful and clever. The red color in the Guess logo represents love and passion. And the black colors stand for elegance and refinement. And lastly, the white stands for purity, integrity, and reliability of the GUESS brand.

Some history about all the brothers:

Paul Marciano:

Paul was born in 1952 and is the youngest of the four. He was also the first to handle advertising and public relations at GUESS.

And later became the president and chief operating officer of the company. He still holds that title today and many other titles as well.

His 2nd wife is named Mareva Georges Marciano and she’s a model from France, and she also served as Miss Tahiti and Miss France. 

Georges Marciano:

He was born in 1947 and he was a great part of the guess company.

After some time there he decides to sell his shares in the company and start something new of his own.

Which was also a line of denim jeans and high fashion clothes. Marciano was married but the marriage ended badly. 

Maurice Marciano:

Maurice was born in 1949 was one of the designers of the clothes and did many other positions at GUESS.

In 2012, he decided to retire from GUESS. After retiring he purchase a new mansion and made other investments.

Armand Marciano

Armand was born in 1945, he was in charge of operations for GUESS for many years. In 2003 left the GUESS company to take part in a different project Involving

women contemporary brand.

His wife’s name is Tami Marciano and they both act as the co-manager of Kautzman Alliance LLC, which is a direct investment holding company.

What is the Guess brand now?

Guess is still a very popular brand and has many different types of products. From things like Watches, shoes, perfume, children’s clothing and so much more.

This is a brand that will live on forever and ever in my book. I love all the great styles that have been created so far. Even though the original faces of the brand have changed over time but the quality remains the same.



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