80s babies vs Millennial | which generation is the best

For many years now we have had different names that describe different types of generations but the main ones that always come up on media and in conversations are 80s babies and millennials. I’m sure most people have thought that an 80s baby was a millennial but in fact, they are born in two completely different generations. This confusion is easily made because the years are not that far apart. But then another debate comes into mind is which generation is the best. Here I will point out characteristics of each generation and we will see which one is better for millennials or 80s babies a.k.a. Xennials.

Are 80s babies millennials

One of the most common questions that I always get asked is that an 80s baby is a millennial in fact this is very understandable why many people may get these two generations confused because they are fairly close in the age range. But these are cooked clearly two different age groups and 80s baby is born in the late 70s and their early 80s and a millennial is born in their late 80s in the early 90s. So I have pointed out the fact of how these two groups are different by age but there are some characteristics that may link them together, in fact, some 80s baby may be categorized as self as a millennial because they relate more to that age group I have a complete article that will explain more how you can determine if you are an 80s baby or a 90s kid.

What are the 80s babies called?

The title 80s baby maybe has many different names. The main one that is known in more of the urban community will be called an 80s baby but the dictionary version of this same term of someone born in the late 70s and early 80s would be called at Xennials. 

Millennials characteristics

Smart, innovative, and creative. here are some of the terms that can describe millennial characteristics. The term smart can only explain so much about a millennial, they are not only book smart but as well as street smart. Innovative, with this world coming out with new and different ways of technology millennials have adapted vastly to this. And it’s quite impressive that they have, especially when millennial was growing up as a child technology was mostly black & white. Their kidhood was filled with simple game boys and dial-up internet. Creative, because if you look around millennials are the group that has made many different creative ways to make money. They are not tired of the normal 9-5 job.

Xennial characteristics

Loyal, chill, relaxed, smart, and creative. Back in the late 70s, early 80s, the time was much different than it is now. It was like the world was moving slower and you were able to enjoy your time more. That’s why relaxed and chill are terms that describe a Xennial (80sbaby). Loyal is a great quality to have as a person and that is one of the traits that a Xennial has. Back in the 80s, everyone knew everyone, it was like the whole world was family. Creative, the Xennial generation was the time when fashion became more bright, bold, cool, and sexy. Which makes a Xennial ( 80s baby) super creative. Smart, is also used to describe an 80s baby (Xennial).

What years are millennials

What generation am I 

What generation are you

Generations defined

A group of people that are born at a certain time of the year and are put into the same age category. A generation gap is usually broken up between 10 and 15 years apart from its generations. These people that are group into the same generations typically grow up with the same type of atmosphere. Such as technology, TV, games, clothes, shoes, toys, music, etc. 

Here is a great example: say that you are 21 years old and talking to one of your friends about the latest songs out. I’m sure your friend will be able to say almost all the words of that song. But if you talk to someone that was born in the 70s they will have no idea what you are talking about. Mainly because that’s not the type of music they prefer because it is not from their generation.

In conclusion

After pointing out all the great qualities of an 80s baby and a millennial you tell me who has won this battle. From my perspective, I feel that both generations have many good qualities that make each generation the best.


I am a blogger that was born in the 1980's. So I decided to write about the 1980's because I feel that was one of the best decades ever.

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