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Which decade had the hottest music? 80s vs 90s

It’s a very compelling argument when you’re talking about to Great Decades of music.

The 1980s was the beginning of great pop music in my book.

There was a lot of originality that came out in that decade.

The 1990s had great music; also, it was a great mixture of Pop & R&B together.

There were a lot of great musicians that came out in this decade.

So it’s really hard for me to actually point out which decade had the best music.

Maybe if I sit back and reminisce about some of the great songs that came out in both decades and then I may be able to figure out which one has the best music.

Top 100 hit song of the 1980s

80s Music

Top 100 hit songs of the 1990s

90s music

Here are 7 videos of the most popular songs in the 80s and 90s.


Everybody knows Rock With You by Michael Jackson was a banger.

This was the type of song that had you gyrating and dancing all over the floor.

It made you think you were Michael Jackson, and this song was one of the best songs from the 1980s, in my opinion.

There were many times that I saw this music video on TV, and I try so hard to dance like Michael Jackson, and in my head, I literally thought I was him. (lol).

Obviously, Michael Jackson came out way before the 1980s, but this was one of the songs where he started to find his own grove as an individual artist.

And not only as a member of The Jackson 5.


The song Call Me by Blondie was great and featured in several movies from the 1980s and today.  This song screams happiness, and I’m just in love with the beat and the simplicity of this song.


Sending one Your Love by Stevie Wonder hit the USA billboard number one spot on the charts.

This was one of Stevie Wonder’s most famous songs that were made in his younger days.

I remember coming home from school hearing my mom blasting this music like she was in love all over again.

Not only was Stevie Wonder a great singer, but he also was a fantastic pianoless. He broke a lot of barriers for people with disabilities.

Expressing that I can do anything attitude was one of his greatest gifts.


Diana Ross’s song upside down was a song that I used to hear a lot on the Soul Train show that used to come on television.

They used to get in two parallel lines and just dance and hop in the middle of the line.

I used to get so excited to see them just feeling the music through their bodies.

That was super inspirational.

Diana Ross was a great artist; she has been out for many years and had so many number one songs that are crazy.


TLC, I don’t want no scrub was a chart banger in almost every chart you could think of.

In so many cases, it was also a controversial song.

Mainly because so many of the guys felt intimidated when they would hear this song.

I remember joking around with some of the guys in my class taller than the scrub and then used to get so mad.

It was super hilarious. But this song was not controversial publicly.

It was mainly that way for young teenagers that didn’t understand what the song was talking about.


 I’m Missing You by Sean Combs was a good song dedicated to B.I.G.

In the song and the video, you will see so many different faces that were in the video contributing to the video.

And morning, the loss of Aaliyah. It was a great song but also very sad.


Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice was a great song that came out, and it set the tone for him, also a rapper.

He became a great artist from just that one song.

But suddenly disappeared after this song and didn’t make any other music well known as this one.

All these songs used to come on the radio. I remember getting super excited and Singing the words

lyric by lyric.

So when you think about it, both decades have some really awesome music.

But I think I may want to point a little more towards the 80s genre.

My reason for that is because the 1980s was the one that set the tone for the other music that came out in the 90s.

Without the 80s music, the 90s wouldn’t be able to be so evolved as it was.

Every genre had its place; without one type of music, we won’t move to the next type.

Let me know if you feel the same, share with me which Decade you think is the best.