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* Warning this is a spoiler alert for all the seasons 1- 3*

What is stranger things about

The basis of the show is about four young kids, that are best friends and grew up together. But their lives change forever when they realize they were being terrified by a monster known as The Shadow Monster.

The shadow monster first corrupted the young boy Will and took over his body. While his friends try to fight and save him. 

11 is the only person that can defeat the monsters in the first season, every character tried their best to help but she is the one that has the power to defeat the monster.

Some scientists open a portal to another dimension, that’s the way the monsters were able to come over to the other side.

In season 2 Bob dies who was Joyce’s boyfriend in this season.

Season 3 was a little different because that’s when the monsters started becoming body-snatchers and taking over life forms.

The first life form took over with Billy which was Max’s older brother.

And this time the monsters actually defeated 11. She tried her best so many times but they just continue to overpower her because there are so many of them.

That’s when the friends and Joyce the mother of Will had to come in to play.

The main thing that was very spoiler for me is that Harper the cop had to die at the end. He just started to become more sentimental and open about his feelings towards Will’s mother.

He died at the end because Joyce had to close the portal so that the demo dogs could all die.

But sadly he was outside the glass fighting off one of the Russian bad guys. So when she closed the gate everything blows up that was outside of the glass that she was standing in.

Also towards the end 11 loses her power, so I’m really curious to see what happens next. This is a great show on Netflix for all ages, I even had my four-year-old son watching it. I can’t wait to see season 4.

Who are all the cast of the Stranger Things

Season 1 Cast

Millie bobby brown from stranger things

Millie Bobby

She plays the character Eleven in stranger things. In the show 11 have the power to defeat the monster.

I really like how they made her character developed into a regular teenage girl but still have superpowers.

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder

Plays the mom of will in the Netflix series. Her character’s name is Joyce Byers. I really like her character because she always fighting for her kids and she never gives up.

And not to get off topic but I just loved her in the 1987 movie Beetlejuice. Had me laughing the whole time.

David harbour from stranger things

David Harbor

 In the Netflix show, his name is Jim Hopper the town police department.

Natalia dyer from stranger things

Natalia Dyer

Nancy wheeler is the name of her character

Charlie heaton from stranger things

Charlie Heaton

Jonathan Byers the brother of Will in Stranger Things

Gaten Matarazzon from stranger things

Gaten Matarazzo

 He plays the role of Dustin in the Netflix series Stranger Things, to me he’s the most animated and he is not afraid to let people know when they are wrong.

Finn wolfhard from stranger things

 Finn Wolfhard

Mike is the courageous one in the group.

Caleb Mclaughlin from stranger things

Caleb Mclaughlin

Lucas is the outspoken, cool one to me 

Noah schnapp from stranger things

Noah Schnapp

Will is the shy one of all of them 

Cara buono from stranger things

Cara Buono

 Play Mike and Nancy’s mom Mrs.Wheeler

Matthew modine from stranger things

Matthew Modine

Is Dr. Martin Brenner, the doctor that took 11 from her mom and did mind control on her, which gave her the ability to have superpowers.

Season 2 cast

Sadie sink from stranger things

Sadie sink

Is set in season 2 as Max, a transfer student and became friends with the boy group.

Joe keery from stranger things

Joe Keery

Play the popular 12th grader name Steven Harrington, That was known for his good hair. 

Sean astin from stranger things

Sean Astin

 Who played Bob Newby in the show, the local radio shack own 

Paul reiser from stranger things

Paul Reiser

Play Dr. Sam Owens the doctor that helped Jim to adopt Eleven

Season 3 cast

Maya hawke from stranger things

Maya Hawke

Is added to the series as Robin the coworker of Steven at the local ice cream shop


Priah ferguson from stranger things

 Priah Ferguson

Play Erica Sinclair the little sister of Lucas.

How many seasons does the stranger things have so far?

There are a total of 3 seasons so far of this on Netflix. The most received one was released on July 4, 2019.

Will, there be a season 4 of stranger things

Yes, season 4 is in the making just taking a little time to be released.  

Demogorgon from Stranger things

Is a creature that was created from another dimension that can terrorize people and grow in strength and size. 

How you ever heard of the movie “the thing”?

Well if you didn’t you need to go watch this movie right now and then go back and watch season 3 of The Stranger Things.

The monster from the thing is the same monster that’s in stranger things. But there’s no stranger things girl in this movie only guys.

When did the movie “the thing” come out

In the year 1982, this horror film was released based on the 1938 book “Who goes there”.

What was the movie the thing about 

The movie things were about this monster that can take the form of any living thing. It does that by getting its tentacles and driving them inside the body of the living thing. Which was about the same concept in the 3 seasons of stranger things.

What there a part 2 of the movie the thing

There was no known part 2 to this movie as of yet. But there was a remake in 2011.

I give Stranger Things a full star rating overall


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