11 Things you didn’t know that were invented in the 1980s

When you think about the 1980’s you mostly think about fashion.

But there is a lot of technology that was invented around that time as well.

Here are some things that I found that may be relevant to you.

Internet 1983

Who doesn’t remember back in the 80s when we used to hear that loud Dial-up sound when we used to Startup the internet. That sounds used to drive me crazy!

And you couldn’t talk on the phone while being online, that was a total bummer. One fact that you may not have known is that Modem for a dial-up connection was not created until 1983. There was an internet before but it was less efficient until the modem was created. 

Engineers continue to work hard on creating a better user-friendly internet for us. That’s why they continue to work on building a better modem, hence why we have Wi-Fi. Who knows what we may have next.

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Cell phone 1983

nokia phone

The first cell phone that was ever created was in 1973 by Motorola inventor Martin Cooper. Do you remember in all the 80s movies there was a gray phone that was about 3 to 4 inches tall? if you had that phone you were the cool person. Well, that phone was invented in 1973 and it was released to the public in 1983. It’s so crazy to think about the evolution that we went through with cell phones.

 Now we can do anything we want with a cell phone. Things so simple like put it in my back pocket. Or a little more advanced like taking pictures. Most than 20 years ago people were super excited just to get this humongous cell phone.

Music video 1981

mtv first video

I’m sure no one knew that the first music video that was launched was by MTV. And if you did you are great, but I didn’t know that until now. MTV was a great platform for new upcoming artist to get their face out in the public. MTV launched the first 24-hour video station in 1981 they launch the first video ever played on national TV. It was by a band called the Buggles. This band is based in England. The video that was shot was called ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’.

World wide web 1980

world wide web

Have you ever thought about how the phrase “www” was created, ironically it was created in the 80s. By an inventor name Tim Berners-Lee. (Here is a great article about Tim Berners-lee from the wiki.)

He started this intervention in 1980 he continued to work on the processing of making every use of this data to be accurate and efficient. The official launch of the first “w w w” which means the World Wide Web in the 1990s. 

Who knows where we would have been without the World Wide Web everything that we do we go and search on the internet before we try it for ourselves. I know I do. If I’m not sure how to do something before I ask a friend or family I go ahead and ask Google. So without the invention of w w w, I’m sure Google wouldn’t exist.

Gps 1980

1980s gps

Official GPS was created in 1973 and its main use was for military agents. The first prototype of the GPS was allowed to be used by the Civil War in The 1980s and it wasn’t officially released to the public until late 1900. Who remembers having to buy a separate GPS for your car and then you had also your phone? Now obviously you can use your phone as a GPS. This is an Invention that I just love. 

Who wants all those gadgets sitting in their car, when everything could be done on your phone. And it’s super small and accessible.

Walkman 1980


Okay, so technically the Walkman cassette was released in 1979 but I included this because it didn’t actually become popular until the early 1980s. Once this cassette came out it changed the way people listen to music forever. Before that, there were about three different sources that people used to listen to music. Source one was the portable radio that you can only listen to things that other people listen to that was broadcast all over the world. Source two was the radio that you put on your shoulder. 

To me, it looked super heavy and it was not nearly as portable. Everyone could listen to what you were listening to. Source three was the record player that only played big black records.

So when the Walkman came out they put all three of these technologies in one. You had the radio on it and you also had a cassette player and you can listen to any type of music that you wanted to.

I’ve personally reviewed the walkmen myself. If you are interested in reading more about it, click here to read the review I have written about the walkmen.

Cd player 1984


After the classic invention of the Walkman, the next years were the invention of the CD player. So the cassette player with a tape that had a bunch of thread that you had to wind up from time to time.

Meaning once you listen to the whole tap from beginning to end there was a button that said rewind, and you had to press that and rewind the tape all the way back to the front so you can listen to the tape all over again from the beginning.

But once the CD player came out it took all the extra work out of the equation. 

Because the only thing you had to do was pop the CD and in the CD player and close it and press play. There were no rewinding or threads that was needed. If you wanted to go back to the beginning you stop and you just go back to the beginning of the song.

The only thing that wasn’t so great about it was you couldn’t get scratches on the CD, and you did it was skipping the music.

Camcorder 1983

1980's camcorder

Sony was the first one that ever released a camcorder in 1983 and then Kodak decided to release a camera as well in 1984 with an 8mm format. So to top Kodak Sony release another camera in 1984 that had an 8mm format as well.

And then later that year all the other major brands came out with a camcorder that had a full  VHS cassette tape. And then later that year Sony came out with a better version to top all the other brands. 

So basically Sony was the main creator of the camcorders and it’s still the best brand out there as of right now, in my book.

Disposable camera 1986

1983 disposable cam

Who here miss having those disposable cameras where you used to have to take the picture crank it up and then take another picture and then you have to go back to the store and then get those pictures developed. I know I don’t miss that but it was invented in the 1980s by Kodak. That invention was a great idea at that time but we have revolutionized so much since then.

Nintendo gameboy 1989

Oh, how I used to love my Gameboy! Super Mario was the game that you go to. You can sit there for countless hours playing the game boy. This invention that was invented was something that I still want today. This is an old invention that could be good as of right now.

They made several other Gameboys after that, but the first one really resonates home with me because that was something that put me in the zone and I just felt so into it.

The Game Boy was created by Sega, and in their first week of releasing it, it was sold out completely that’s how great this game was. Before these people only had games on the TV so when this portable outlet came it was a great chance for people.

Microsoft word 1981

microsoft word old school

The first version of Microsoft Word was invented in 1981 but they constantly develop more versions that would be more suitable for the consumers. So the official release of Microsoft Word was in 1983, and it also had several different features that were not featured in the Prototype, which were video. Of course computer lovers, like myself. Know that there are many versions of Microsoft Word. So first updated one was in 1983. 

We still have several updated versions leading up to right now. The inventors were Charles Simonyi and Richard Brodie. These guys were awesome programmers hired by Bill Gates. Without these guys, we wouldn’t be able to have the ability to type and create things on Microsoft Word.

The 1980s was a great year as you can see. A Lot of things were invented at that time. I myself didn’t realize there were so many inventions until I began to read and research.

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