80s hip hop fashion is the most fly look ever!

We all know and love the 80s decade. But of course, fashion from the 80s is what sticks in our heads the most when it comes to this decade. Hip-hop fashion was always around before the 80s, but Hip Hop music wasn’t well-known until the late 80s. That’s when hip-hop fashion exploded. It was such a comfortable and relaxing style, but it was also flashy and in your face as well. 80s hip hop fashion was more than just clothes; it was an expression of music through your style. And we all know that the primary influence of hip-hop fashion was the rappers, also known as the MCs. Some of those rappers are Run DMC, MC Hammer, LL Cool J, and the list can go on for days; let’s reminisce on some of those great iconic 80s hip-hop fashion that we know and love today.

Let's learn about 80s hip hop fashion

Kango bucket hat

One of the most iconic headwear fashion trends of the 80s was a Kangol bucket hat. This look was inspired by the hip-hop culture; mostly, every rap in the 80s would throw on this flashy hat to complete their look. Mainly because the Kangol hat symbolizes power, luxury, and coolness. The most notable rapper to wear this iconic hat is LL Cool J.

Big rope chains

rope chains

The Rope Chain necklace was seen in the 1980s in fashion trends. These chains were usually 16-18 inches long with an 8-inch drop. They are also sometimes called “wishbone” necklaces because they resemble the neck shape of the person wearing them. These Rope chains are a great way to dress up your outfit and make it look more stylish. Back in the 80s, it will also let over people know that you had money. I was a symbol of accomplishment.

The clock chain

The clock chain was a whole different ball game in the 80s. The rapper Flavor Flav is the one we made this look famous at one point.

Gold hoop earrings

Gold hoops have been a fashion staple for decades and were popular in the 80s. These flashy earrings were something that every young girl wanted in the 80s. Roxanne Roxanne was one of the rappers that made these earrings more known throughout the hip-hop community. They were super flashy and also classy at the same time.

80s big earrings

Short pants

Short pants, also known as “cutoffs” or “hotpants,” were popular during the 1980s. They were worn to show off your sense of fashion, all while looking cool and relaxed.

Boomer jacket

For the past decade, the boomer jacket has been popular with both men and women. Maybe because it was a nice loose-fitting, lightweight jacket. The style of jacket was made famous in the 1980s by LL COOL J and many other rappers. This is one of those styles that has stood the test of time and will be around for many years to come.

Wind breaker jacket and hats 

The windbreaker jacket in the 80s was something to talk about. Mainly because you can wear this jacket in the summertime and not be burning up. And you can pair it with a thicker jacket in the wind time. So the debate became is this a jacket or a shirt. Despite all the controversy, it was a trendy item to wear in the 80s because you could wear short pants or long pants.

80s dapper dan Gucci

Gucci was founded in1921 but this company didn’t become the brand that is today until they created this cool-looking outfit in 1983; back then, they called it Dapper Dan. And if you had this on in the 80s, that meant that you were wealthy and successful. Many rappers loved the red leather jacket set because it was flashy.

 Louis Vuitton and mcm brand

 Louis Vuitton and mcm brand are yet again another brand that was hard to get if you need have enough money or the right connection. Both of these brands were out way before the 80s. But they didn’t get noticed by rappers until they created this look, that every famous person wanted. 

Light wash jeans

Light wash jeans have a low level of color pigment, which means they have a more faded look than other types of denim jeans. This gives them a vintage vibe that is attractive to many people. They have a cleaner look that makes them suitable for wearing with just about any outfit because it doesn’t compete with what you’re wearing or distract from your outfit. And why it became popular in the early 1980 was because it was a nice clean color that you can throw with any shirt.

The tracksuit

The tracksuit was created in the 1980s as an alternative to the sweatsuit. It was a fantastic relaxing look that could be dressed up and down. This look became more popular from the group Run DMC; they would wear it with Adidas and steal the show.

Jean outfit

Many people in the 80s hip hop enjoy wearing jeans. Because it was super fashionable. But once the complete jean set came out, it took over the hip hop fashion world.

Many people don’t know that thick socks became popular in the 80s, and it’s still in fashion now. This happened because of the hip-hop movement. These two factors led this fashion trend to become popular among many rappers.


There’s nothing like a fresh pair of Jordan that I’m sure most hip-hop professionals would say. Jordan was not released until the 80s. Due to its style and price point. These shoes became an instant hit, and a much have. Every rapper is seen would have a pair of them or own a pair. These shoes were a must-have a still are today.

Man boots

I’m sure the last thing would think that a hip-hop star in the 80s would be wearing are boots. But yes, they were wearing when they wanted to dress it up a bit and drop the sneakers.

Four finger ring

Hip Hop style rings popularized in the late 80s, with rappers like Big Daddy Kane and Run-DMC, among others wearing them on their index fingers. The ring became a symbol of both wealth and strength which is why it made such an impact when rappers wore it on their fourth finger.


If you are a fan of hip hop and fashion, these are the things that you would need in your closet to pull off the 80s hip hop look.


I am a blogger that was born in the 1980's. So I decided to write about the 1980's because I feel that was one of the best decades ever.

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