80s makeup trends that you can use now

Everybody knows that the makeup in the 80s was some of the best and bold looks of all time. The makeup trends in the 80s were something that took over the 80s. With its vibrant colors, bold looks, and glamour-styled makeup. Which gave them the 80s makeup looks of a celebrity on the red carpet. This is how you know real 80s makeup because people in the 80s will use this look as they every day. When you look back at most of the women in 80s style makeup pictures, you will notice most of these makeup trends of the 80s that I will go over in this article. But I will also talk about these same looks that you can wear now in the present decade. 

* Everything that was used to create these looks will be linked in the article. 

80s glam makeup


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How to pull off this 80’s Inspired look now

Now, we know that the ’80s were full of color and hair spray. But here’s a guide to bring it down but still give the glam & essence of the ’80s. So there further, I will provide you with a step-by-step guideline of how to do the 80s glam makeup; I will also include the products I used for this look. 

I started by wiping her face with a Neutrogena makeup wipe to get off any sweat or excess dirt she may have on her face; this will give you a clear canvas to work with. The first thing I always like to work with is the eyebrows. Then apply the eyeshadow and false lashes, which is a must to bring this look together.


The feathery eyebrow look started in the 80’s making the eyebrow appear as natural as possible but still defined and dark.

Here’s what I used :

  • Eyebrow brush to brush up the eyebrows makes it easier to define the brows, and it also helps with the feathery look.
  • Then I used Duo’s eyelashes glue, so it keeps the hair of the brows in place.
  • Eyebrow Pencil to outline the brows and give it the perfect arched shape, and I also used it to fill in the brows to give it a more natural look.
  • I used La Girl Pro Concealer to clean up the brows and make them perfect; I try to go only two shades lighter than the client’s skin tone clean around the brow. This is for it to blend perfectly with shadow or foundation, which come a little later.


So with this look, I tried not to do so much with the eyeshadow because I was using rhinestones to make it pop. In the 80’s you had some people who did natural looks, then you had the extreme colorful looks! I decided to do something that I think was in the middle of both.

Here’s what I used :

  • Eyeshadow Primer is used on the eyelids to make the eyeshadow POP! Without an eyeshadow primer or dragging your concealer from your eyebrows, your eyeshadow will not pop at all, and that will be a waste of shadow. I used Nyx Eyeshadow Primer; you can either use the white color from this pallet or one of the colors closer to your skin complexion.  Eyeshadow, I used 2 shades closer to her skin complexion because this paired well with the look of a deep dark brown close to her skin color so that I could do the transition shade.
  • Then I used a pinkish (rose gold) glitter shade.
  • The eyeshadow palette I used was the 35O Supernatural Glow Artistry Palette from Morphe.
  • Then I used rhinestone stickers & added Duo’s Eyelashes glue so that the rhinestones would last all day.
  • False Lashes topped it off with the 3D Mink Super Long Super Thick False Eyelashes to finish off this look.

80s workout makeup


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The 80s workout look involved blessed cheekbones and centric-looking eyes. And always with loud and bold colors. The look you see here is how you can wear the same 80s workout look but also make it look a little more modern by toning down in the colors a little bit. Below, I have listed step-by-step details of how this look was created; some of the colors used may be slightly different; you are welcome to pick any neon color to complete this look.

Step 1: The first thing you want to do is clean your face with Neutrogena makeup wipes.

Step 2: You want to use primer on your face, and try not to pick a primer that’s too light for your face. But I have noticed that the 80s work makeup, and to me, it looks like they use a primer that’s way too light for their face. But since we are trying to make this a modern styled 80s makeup,  I decided to go with the modern styled rules for applying primer.

Step 3: Appy your concealer to cover any pigmentation and spots you may have

Step 4: Under eye concealer as well to hide pigmentation under your eye.

Step 5: Setting power to hold your base makeup in place.

Step 6: Start to work on your eyebrows to see in the look you have to use a lighter color.

Step 7: Eyeshadow, used a peach-type color or any bold neon-looking color of your choice.  Then you are going to brush the eyeshadow all the way to the top of your eyebrow and slightly stoke outwards past the eyebrow.  You want to follow this by putting a lighter shade directly under your eyebrow.

Step 8: Use an eyebrow pencil to put a light color under your water line under your eye

Step 9: Put black eyeliner on the top of your eyes only

Step 10: Follow that up with your blush, apply the blush on your cheekbones all the way to your hairline, then you want to use a dark shade of blush to create a 3d look on your cheekbones.  This will need to be applied right under your jawbone in a thin layer.

Step11: Lastly, apply your lipstick; I would suggest a shiny plum magenta color. This will complete your 80s workout look.

In conclusion

The 80s was a great decade that gave us a lot of great makeup resources to learn from. These looks help us form the two great looks that you see above. You can wear these looks now, and people won’t ever know that you are imitating an 80s look. But this look will stand out from all the other makeup looks because it does look different but in a good way. Let’s bring the 80s back. 


I am a blogger that was born in the 1980's. So I decided to write about the 1980's because I feel that was one of the best decades ever.

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