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80s computers

There’s no doubt that the 80s was the best decade ever. This was a great decade where a lot of great technology was invited for people to use all over the world. These great inventions made it possible for people to work at home on their 80s styled desk and type away on theirs 1980s the computer. 

Below I have made a timeline of all the main computer that was released in the 80s

1. Sinclair ZX81

Sinclair ZX81
Release date: March 5, 1981

In the year 1981 was the invention of the first-ever computer was invented in the 80s. This computer was created in Scotland by a company called Timex Corporation. One of the main reasons this computer was invented was to fit the budget of people that used home computing.

2. BBC Micro

BBC Micro
Release date: December 1, 1981

Not long after the release of the first model on the computer. This customer was released in late 1981 by the British Broadcasting Corporation Microcomputer System. It was made by a company called Acorn Computer. There were as many as 9 different models created. This was a great 80s computer and was perfect to use as a home office.

3. Apple Lisa

Apple Lisa
Release date: January 19, 1983

This was one of the first computers that were made with a graphical user interface, which basically means when you connect to your computer you are now able to connect electronically. Making this perfect for business in the 80s.

4. Macintosh

Release date: January 16, 1986

With the launch of this Apple computer, there were a lot of changes that were made to improve the way this computer worked.  Some of the changes were the utilize user-upgradable SIMM memory modules instead of single DIP DRAM chips, the size of the floppy drive, putting in variable speed GCR. And there were a lot more changes to this computer that made it better for the user. 

5. Personal System/2

Personal System/2
Release date: April 1987

This model was created to try to gain access back into the 80s computer business. The first-ever model was created on August 12, 1981, which was then called IBM Personal Computer. This was created in Florida by Don Estridge. 

6. Macintosh SE/30

Macintosh SE/30
January 19, 1989

Although this is another computer that was created by Apple. Every time they released a new product it always improves. This model has had a faster processor, it was also the first compact computer to include a 1.44 MB high-density floppy disk drive. The computer screen was in black & white and designed as a personal computer.


The 80s was a great time for the release of computers. While all of the releases of these 80s computers is made it possible for a business to advertise better. And for people to be about to have a better computer in their homes. 


I am a blogger that was born in the 1980's. So I decided to write about the 1980's because I feel that was one of the best decades ever.

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