A Glimpse into life in the 80s

You can ask almost anyone you know, and they probably will tell you that the 80s was one of the best decades ever. And many will say that they have Nostalgia for the 80s. And who wouldn’t? It was filled with happy times and a great wardrobe. The Wardrobe was so spectacular that people still dress like they are in the 80s. With their high-top Adidas and bucket hats. Not to mention that the fanny packs are making an updated comeback. In this article, I want to go over all the great things you may not know that happened while living in the 80.

What is the 80s known for?

The 1980s was a memorable time for many people. The era’s music, fashion, and technology helped define the decade. From the introduction of the Walkman to the iconic Macintosh computer, there were innovations for people of all ages and lifestyles. I have listed the top 8 things from the 80s below.

8 things the 80s are known for:

The make up

The clothes 

The shoes

The music 

The games

The parties

The inventions

The tv-shows

How did people live during the 80s?

 If you lived in the 80s, you know that it was a relaxing type of time. There were not too many massive crimes as there are now these days, but there were terrible things that happened; if you’re interested in learning more about that, please read this article I have written: Bad things in the 80s

 Far as the technology in the 80s, it was more nonexistent than what we have now because the 80s was when a lot of production began on many different types of new technology creations. Such as the Walkman, cd player, Gameboy, and much more. Even though some bad things were going on in the 80s, there was still much less crime than now.

 Also, the people in the 80s were much different, everyone was much more friendly, and no one said mean things to one another. You were able to form a connection with people much more effortlessly than now as well. Everyone in the 80s just wanted to have a good time without all the violence and crime involved. 

Teenage life in the 80s

a look into the 80s

Teenage life was vastly different than how teenagers live their life now. There were no social media. The only way teenagers could communicate with each other was through a house phone. The house phone was something that the whole family had to share, meaning that there was no privacy for teenagers back then. The only way to have a private conversation was in person.

And if you wanted to change plans with a friend, you had to meet them in person just to tell them you couldn’t make it or just not show up at all; you could not just send them a text or anything. But not everything was so bad, since teenagers had to meet face-to-face to have a conversation, their parents were more lenient with their curfew, so they could stay out later than teens can now.

Also, many teenagers in the 80s had after-school jobs at 14. Many 80s teens also could drive a car at the age of 14. And if you look at movies in the 80s, you will look at those kids in the movie and what they were doing; you would think they’re 21, but there were only between the ages of 14 and 17. so back then, teenagers act much older than their age. 

Life in the 80s compared to now.

The 80s from now is very different; we have way more technology than they had back in the 80s. Of course, the economy and the price of things were much better and cheaper back then. Besides those significant two factors, I would think everything else is the same because everyone still wears the same type of clothes they would have worn in the 80s. After all, the 80s was about bold, bright colors and big hair. As you can see, those styles are making a significant comeback now, and that is why the 80s is one of the best decades because this decade is everlasting, and it keeps changing and growing two different generations each time. 

In conclusion 

After I have just taken you back in a time machine to the 80s, I’m sure that you are reliving some of the moments that I have mentioned and now if you didn’t agree with me before I’m sure that you will agree with me now that the 80s decade was the best decade of Annie. I’m glad I was able to give you a little glimpse into the 80s.


I am a blogger that was born in the 1980's. So I decided to write about the 1980's because I feel that was one of the best decades ever.

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