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HISTORY OF THE GAMEBOY – The Softer Side of Nintendo

Sure, the Nintendo Entertainment System was a massive success in the 80s, but there was one console that captured our hearts – the Game Boy. This handheld gaming system was beloved for its soft edges and bright colors, as well as its impressive library of games. Whether you were a kid or a teenager, there was something about the Game Boy that just spoke to you. So please put on your nostalgia glasses and join us on this trip down memory lane! In this blog post, we will look back at the history of this iconic console.

Who is on Nintendo's board of directors?

Nintendo has had a few changes to its board over the years. Still, there are three men you’ll see everywhere: Hiroshi Yamauchi (the original president), Satoru Iwata (the late former president), and Tatsumi Ki Mishima (who replaced Mr. Iwata). Those are some big shoes to fill! Thankfully, they’ve all done their part in making Nintendo what it is today.

How was the Game Boy invented?

The Game Boy wasn’t Nintendo’s first attempt at a handheld game console. It was the fourth! The company started with the Game & Watch series in 1980, a line of handheld games with liquid crystal displays. Then in 1982, Nintendo released the successful Game Boy’s predecessor: the Twin Famicom. But when it was time for this console to be replaced, Nintendo wanted to do something different from its competitors. The company realized that home consoles were getting more powerful while handhelds. Nintendo aimed to make a home console that could also operate as a handheld – and so the concept for the Game Boy was born.

How did the Game Boy get its name?

In an interview with Katsuya Eguchi, Chief Designer of the Game & Watch series and the original designer for the Game Boy, he told Shinto that Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi had a particular vision for a handheld should be. He wanted something small and light enough to fit in a pocket without help from a case or a strap. And since it wasn’t going to have a television screen, the Game Boy had to have its display – hence, a “Game Boy.”

What games started the success of the Game Boy?

There were only two launch titles when the first Game Boy came out in Japan on April 21, 1989. There were usually less than ten games available at any given time for many years after that. But those early games were enough to make the system a hit! Nintendo’s legendary Super Mario Bros. franchise made its handheld debut with the Game Boy version of Super Mario Land. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening also took advantage of this console’s unique qualities by emphasizing exploration and allowing gamers to interact with the environment. In short, it was an excellent start for a console that would go on to have over 1000 games!

What was the last original Game Boy game?

The last game released for the Game Boy was in 2003. The title was the Link’s Awakening DX. That may seem late to gamers who have grown up with Pokémon titles taking advantage of every new platform out there. Still, it was standard when you consider that Nintendo kept making games for this console until 2001 in Japan.

Are they still making Gameboys?

The Game Boy was discontinued in 2003, but Nintendo released a new version of the classic handheld console. The Nintendo 2DS XL has nearly identical specs as its older brother – including the same screen size and game library. But instead of stereoscopic 3D technology, this version features “holographic” visuals that many gamers love.

Where can I learn more about Nintendo?

The official website is Nintendo. And if you’re looking for game trailers, check out their YouTube channel.

In conclusion

So, you can see the Gameboy system has had a significant impact on many families for the 80s and 90s. And the Nintendo brand is constantly growing. I can’t wait to see have the future holds for this gaming system.